This Dude Was Spotted Running Around Detroit With A Kangaroo And People Have Questions

The kangaroo is part of a "traveling, educational animal show," according to reports.

A woman in Detroit threw Twitter into a tizzy by sharing this Snapchat video.

G how he get a kangaroo in Detroit 😂😭

Da fuq?

What dat roo doing in Detroit?

A lot of people were left with questions, like Why? How? Who? The Twitter OP said she didn't know, it wasn't her video.

They tryna put the kangaroo on the news😂🤷🏽‍♀️ that's ain't my video & I don't know nothing I just use to see them hop to the coney

But people soon came up with their own theories.

@BrionnaLondon @WeaponXKP21 People going crazy with there Tax refund 😂😂😂

They were mostly just like, typical Detroit.

"You can get anything in Detroit."

@BrionnaLondon @you can get anything in Detroit

Others had grosser theories.

@BrionnaLondon @alison_rambles Not a 'roo. Just a large rat w/ scoliosis.

And others were impressed by the kangaroo man's skills.

@BrionnaLondon new way to do cardio lol

"I need a kangaroo so I can be forced to run and lose some weight lol," said one person.

@BrionnaLondon I need a kangaroo so I can be forced to run and lose some weight lol.

Of course, some people were worried about the kangaroo seemingly being owned by a random person.

@BrionnaLondon This is 100% not funny and not ok. Wild animals belong in the wild, not on a leash.

But don't worry. The kangaroo is actually part of a "a traveling, educational animal show" run by a man named Javon Stacks, reported. His show, Exotic Zoo, allows kids to interact with exotic animals they ordinarily may never get to see in person.

The video, he said, was taken during a kid's birthday party.

"Inner city kids' parents don't have enough money to go to the zoo or transportation to go to the zoo," Stacks told

He added that his shows help exotic animals "come to life" for kids who may have only seen them in books or on TV, the website reported.

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