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There Are Some Pretty Sweet Dance Moves Happening On The RNC Floor

They came to dance dance dance dance.

Posted on July 19, 2016, at 6:06 p.m. ET

Amid the hustle and bustle of the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, delegates took some time to unwind through dance.

WATCH: Here's a quick clip of folks dancing at #GOPConvention #RNCinCLE

There was hand raising!

Is this what a swingers' club is like?

Enthusiastic swaying!

Dance like no one is watching #RNCinCLE

And even partner dancing!

A video tribute to all the sweetest dance moves on display during day one of #RNCinCLE:

Some were in tree (?) hats!

Who's performing this dance better, the Washington delegates or all us reporters? #RNCinCLE

And cowboy hats!

Texas delegates dance as they wait for day 2 of the #RNCinCLE to start.

Some people liked watching the dancing.

Watching the delegates dance is very entertaining. I'm glad they're having fun! #RNCinCLE

Others not so much.

If i have to watch one more 60 year old white dude try to sexy dance to this shitty cover band, i am going to gouge my eyes out #RNCinCLE

Dance like no one is watching, delegates!

Florida's delegates have some sick dance moves. (Center, white shirts, boogieing down) #RNCinCLE