There Are Some Pretty Sweet Dance Moves Happening On The RNC Floor

They came to dance dance dance dance.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, delegates took some time to unwind through dance.

WATCH: Here's a quick clip of folks dancing at #GOPConvention #RNCinCLE

There was hand raising!

Is this what a swingers' club is like?

Enthusiastic swaying!

Dance like no one is watching #RNCinCLE

And even partner dancing!

A video tribute to all the sweetest dance moves on display during day one of #RNCinCLE:

Some were in tree (?) hats!

Who's performing this dance better, the Washington delegates or all us reporters? #RNCinCLE

And cowboy hats!

Texas delegates dance as they wait for day 2 of the #RNCinCLE to start.

Some people liked watching the dancing.

Watching the delegates dance is very entertaining. I'm glad they're having fun! #RNCinCLE

Others not so much.

If i have to watch one more 60 year old white dude try to sexy dance to this shitty cover band, i am going to gouge my eyes out #RNCinCLE

Dance like no one is watching, delegates!

Florida's delegates have some sick dance moves. (Center, white shirts, boogieing down) #RNCinCLE