People Are Losing Their Minds Over The Intense As Fuck "Bachelorette" Ending

"The Bachelorette got me feeling like election night again, is this real or what?"

Last night on the finale of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan over Peter, and the couple got engaged.

However, the proposal came after things got fucking REAL between Rachel and Peter. Their breakup was intense.

she had to take her eyelashes off she was crying so much OH MY GOD RACHEL WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING…

Basically, Rachel wanted Peter to propose, but he wasn't ready. He begged her to give their relationship a shot, but she decided to choose Bryan. They both SOBBED.

Rachel is crying... Peter is crying... The Camera man is crying... Everyone is crying #TeamPeter #TheBachelorette…

Rachel said she cried so hard, her eyelashes came off. Everyone watching felt the intensity and couldn't deal.

Rachel: cries her eyelashes off for Peter (Still picks Bryan in the end) #TheBachelerotteFinale

The emotions over her choice were way too much to handle.


Some people were just confused.

my thought process watching this bachelorette finale: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Like, is there a mistake here?

#TheBacheloretteFinale i'm waiting for steve harvey to come out and tell us there's been a mistake...

We have some questions.

Yes Rachel I have a lot of questions..... #BacheloretteFinale

"The Bachelorette got me feeling like election night again, is this real or what."

The bachelorette got me feeling like election night again is this real or what #TheBacheloretteFinale

Others were just sad about the ending.

How I feel about The Bachelorette finale and revealing the winner before the end of the show #TheBacheloretteFinale

People were really disappointed.

That was the most disappointing end to the bachelorette that I could have ever imagined #TheBacheloretteFinale


Me walking out of the living room after #TheBacheloretteFinale

Fuck this shit.

Everyone watching bachelorette #TheBacheloretteFinale

And many declared their time/lives/heart/souls had been wasted on this crap.

I feel like The Bachelorette owes me cash or an apology dinner... anything for the 3hrs of my life I just wasted. #TheBacheloretteFinale

Why God, why?

me after I realized I just wasted 2 months watching the bachelorette for this trash ending #BacheloretteFinale

"Well this was a complete waste of a season."

Well this was a complete waste of a season #TheBacheloretteFinale

The feelings were so strong, no one should be expected to go to work after this.

Me:Hey Boss it's me, I can't come in today, I'm sick. Boss:What's wrong? Me:The Bachelorette Finale Boss:Say No More #TheBacheloretteFinale

We are all victims.

Who else feels personally victimized by this season of the bachelorette #TheBacheloretteFinale

And need to reclaim our time.

Me after watching the entire season of the Bachelorette just to watch her settle for the weakest mf…

We R done with this trash show.

My first time watching the bachelorette & it ended in trash. How do I get my time & emotions back?…

OK, just kidding. We will watch Bachelor in Paradise.

I'm done with this damn show (see y'all next week for Bachelor in Patadise tho) #TheBacheloretteFinale

See you Monday.

Me: I HATE THIS FRANCHISE! Me next week during Bachelor in Paradise: #TheBacheloretteFinale

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