Conan O'Brien Called Out One Of His Writers For Going On An Angry Twitter Rant

The writer, Andrés du Bouchet, has since deleted his tweets disparaging the state of late night TV comedy.

Conan O'Brien called out one of the writers on his talk-show after the writer went on a Twitter rant slamming the state of late night TV comedy.

I wish one of my writers would focus on making my show funnier instead of tweeting stupid things about the state of late night comedy.

Writer Andres du Bouchet went on the Twitter rant on Thursday.

He has since deleted the tweets, but their contents have been preserved by The Hollywood Reporter.

Du Bouchet's rant seemed to be directed at TV hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, who often feature segments with pranks and lip sync battles on their shows.

"Comedy in 2015 needs a severe motherfucking shakeup," he wrote. "No celebrities, no parodies, no pranks, no mash-ups or hashtag wars. I'm fat."

He added, "shove your lip-synching up your ass."

He continued: "Prom King Comedy. That's what I call all this shit. You've let the popular kids appropriate the very art form that helped you deal. Fuck...None of the funniest stuff ever involved celebrity cameos."

Du Bouchet preserved some of the tweets, such as this one explaining his outburst.

That was satisfying. Sometimes just railing at the impenetrable nonsense of the retardverse is enough, despite my impotence to change it.

He then apologized for his rant.

Once again I'm a bonehead for tweeting as a fan of comedy instead of as a guy who earns a living doing it.

He added that he doesn't hate everything on TV right now.

On a positive note, my current favorite comedy things are @TheKimmySchmidt @SiliconHBO @LastManFOX and @KeyAndPeele.

I am also very much looking forward to seeing what Colbert does on CBS.

He semi-apologized again on Sunday.

Well I guess it's all harmless observations from now on. I enjoy some types of hand-held eatables, but others not! Apples? Yes!

According to IMDB, du Bouchet has worked for O'Brien on various shows since 2008.

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