This Dog's Larger Than Life Photos Have Made Him An Instagram Sensation

Clifford IRL, on Instagram at least.

This is Chris Cline, an illustrator living in Minnesota, and his goldendoodle, Juji.

Cline and his girlfriend got Juji as a puppy a year and a half ago, he told BuzzFeed News. At first, Cline wasn't sure about having a dog, but he and Juji became fast friends.

"Within weeks I was really head over heels for this dog," he said.

About a year ago, Cline said he was at a "stale" point in his life as an artist. One day, he decided to photoshop a picture of him and Juji to make the pup seem larger than life — literally.

Cline said he only intended for the photos to be seen by his friends online.

"I started to do edits of him just to put on my Facebook and Instagram just to make people giggle," he said.

To his surprise, the photos really took off. Cline started to make more, and photoshopped himself and his dog into truly magical adventures.

Cline said that his background as an illustrator has helped him come up with the creative poses and ideas.

"I wanted to take pictures and give them an illustration feel," he said.

The photos are truly larger than life, with Juji transformed into a real-life Clifford.

And their antics have become even more creative as time has gone on.

The most popular photos are the ones in which Cline and Juji are doing adventurous things.

"Most people like the action shots and they like to see us active," he said.

The duo now has more than 30,000 Instagram followers, and Cline has started making custom photos of fans and their pets.

The photos have become so successful that Cline has been able to start making them full time.

He described his success as being "the American dream."

"That's everyone's dream, is to find something that you love to do and do it better than anyone else," he said.

Now, not only is Juji Cline's best friend, but through their business, he's also his "partner."

"Since we've been doing this, it has made us a real team," Cline said. "It's more of a partnership almost when we are working."

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