That Sexy Mr. Clean Commercial Is Now A Truly Absurd NSFW Meme

We all saw this coming.

ICYMI (even though there's no way you did) Mr. Clean released this actually absurd Super Bowl commercial featuring a ~sexy~ Mr. Clean.

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Of course, now the meme factory has exploded and way too many of them are NSFW.

Mr. Clean's stroke is probably 🔥🔥🔥

People appreciated the cleaning god's "thicc"-ness.


People really went there.

Mr. Clean mopping up the puddle under your wife

This one's not so bad.

Mr. Clean : 50 Shades of Bleach #SuperBowl


When she tells you she has a boyfriend now but also that she's still gonna hit u up regularly to come thru

Oh no.

Mr. Clean wringing out your girl's panties like

It really got detailed.

When she bout to slide thru later so you cleaning up

The internet is wild.

I like the way she rock her hips, then wave and sip. Rock her hips......

Pray for Mr. Clean, America.

When she hit you with the "omw daddy" text and you at the crib

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