These Dogs Are Training To Become CIA Agents And They're Doing A Very Good Job, Yes, They Are

They servez and also protecc.

Americans, you should feel very safe today because the CIA has found the best and brightest to be in its next class of recruits: these adorable doggos.

The six pups chosen to be a part of the fall 2017 K9 recruit class are being trained to be explosive detection canines.

"Our K9 officers serve as the first line of defense against explosive threats to Agency personnel & buildings at HQ and abroad," the CIA wrote on Twitter. "Our K9s are also on-call 24/7 to assist local law enforcement, first responders, and other federal government agencies search for explosives."

Since last month, the CIA has been documenting the dogs' training on its Twitter account, and OMG, you must follow their progress. They are doing so well!

The CIA first went to service dog groups to scout for ~recruits~. The dogs are all Labs because of the breed's "non-stop energy, friendly demeanor, and love of food."

After some testing, six puppies were chosen! The first four— named Suni, Indigo, Freya, and Nicole—will be CIA dogs. The other two, Heide and Lulu, are being trained for local law enforcement. Oh, and all the pups are girls!

First, the puppies went to the vet.

After that, this week they started their training!

Here is one of the pups getting trained to sniff on command! She was sooo excited to do a good job!

Trainer presents tin to pup who sniffs it Trainer then erupts into squeals of delight, jumps around & tells them th…

The dogs will learn to detect more than 20,000 different explosive mixtures, according to the CIA.

In less than 6 weeks, the pups will be able to successfully detect more than 20,000 different explosive mixtures.

They take their job very seriously!

Pups figure out within minutes that if they show interest in the little metal can trainer is holding, they’ll recei…

"I willz serve and protecc u hoomin."

The CIA said that after every long day of training, the pups get a special treat. Nicole was REALLY excited.

You're doing amazing, sweetie!

You can follow the training here!

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