This Woman Decided To Ask What The Weirdest Gift Everyone Got For Christmas Was And Twitter Delivered

"All the grandkids got a custom coffee mug of my grandpa that he made himself."

Bri Pritchett is a 22-year-old from St. Louis. This year for Christmas, she got a pretty epic present.

Pritchett said she helped her mom get the gift for her.

"I got down a really weird rabbit hole on Amazon one day that led me to it, and I thought it was so funny," she told BuzzFeed News.

Here it is, in all its glory.

After getting her beloved pillow, Bri had an idea.

"I thought the gift was hilarious, and I knew other people probably also got some really funny stuff, so I wanted to start a thread," she said.

She asked Twitter: "What’s the most ridiculous thing you got for Christmas?" She included a video of the pillow in action.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you got for Christmas I’ll start

Safe to say, people delivered. Take this guy, who shared the amazingly creative blanket he was gifted.

"A blanket of my mugshot," he wrote.

In fact, many of these ~unique~ gifts were personalized. Many dads had the same idea.

@BPtheGasStation a bobble head of my dad

"All the grandkids got a custom coffee mug of my grandpa that he made himself," Carene said.

Your Christmas present is me! —Everyone's grandmas, I guess.

It's not just dads and grandparents! "Well, my husband got me a shower curtain with him on it," said Fernanda.

However, you really can't beat Sam's new shower curtain.

Or Val's gift for her Meryl-loving hubby.

Some of the gifts, though, were just plain weird.

"My parents said they were in a hurry and only saw the sloth, not even the smoke coming out of its nose," Carly said. "They only noticed when they started wrapping it on on Christmas Eve."

Lookin' good.

"His name is Tony mcstoney."

This looks clean.

@BPtheGasStation It’s soap. Made of fur.

However, my favorite one may be this extremely horrifying gift from Gretchen's son.

Bri said she has been shocked by how many people responded to her thread. She said "the one I would’ve wanted the most was the cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito."

Merry Christmas, everyone!

@BPtheGasStation my little brother got “beats” for christmas

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