Cher Totally Destroyed A Random Woman Who Replied To Her Tweet About DACA And People Are Shook

Do u believe in life after L?

You all know Cher, legend of sound and stage.

You also know her as a legend of Twitter, both of tweeting on her own and destroying people who come for her.

@cgrebellion I beg your pardon? Walk a mile in my Thigh Highs B4 you Disrespect me!

@cher / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cher

She also likes to tweet about politics, and she has opinions!

Whats the matter with democrats ⁉️They Had HUGE Chance 2Take Congress,BUT 1.CAMPAIGN SLOGAN…I Can’t Remember it🤣2.NO MESSAGE,3.CANDIDATES⁉️

@cher / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cher

So, when the Trump administration decided to "rescind" the DACA program on Tuesday, Cher unleashed her thoughts.


@cher / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cher

The icon also declared that she would personally be welcoming DREAMers into her own home for protection.

Those Who Can Must Take a DREAMER In2 Their Home & Protect Them‼️I’m Ready 2 Do This & 🙏🏻Others in MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME‼️SANCTUARY

@cher / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cher

One woman (name blurred to protect the dragged) decided to challenge Cher on her promise. It did not go well.

Cher not only noticed the woman's response, but responded with FIRE. "Then keep your eyes open bitch."

People on Twitter were, frankly, shook.

They were singed by the burn.

@negaversace @nately cher firing off that last tweet

@malteserubble / Twitter / Via Twitter: @malteserubble

And many applauded Cher for her stance.

@cher @bwebb56 That was a read 😂👏🏽💁🏽

@AlbertRainbow69 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @AlbertRainbow69

She went there!

@peaceful_birdie @ashleycnicole_ @bwebb56 @cher Like for real.....she should of stayed in her gotdamn place 😩😂😂 Che…

@Detroiter4life / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Detroiter4life

"Cher did NOT come to play with you hoes."

cher did NOT come to play with you hoes

@jxedeal / Twitter / Via Twitter: @jxedeal

They began to express their appreciation for the troll in song.

@Rokashi / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Rokashi

"Do you believe that they just took that L?"

@emilyhughes @Four_Pins do you believe that they just took that L?

@ProbablyRaymond / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ProbablyRaymond

Others wondered if the person could ever come back from that.

COP: sir calm down. what did cher tweet at u exactly [i see cher in the window doing a throat-slice gesture] ME: nah forget i said anything

@bobvulfov / Twitter / Via Twitter: @bobvulfov

The woman has since deleted the tweet and made her account private. But she did have one final missive.

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