The Cheesecake Factory Offered Free Cheesecake And It Really Became A Huge Mess

Someone even got arrested!

On Wednesday, the Cheesecake Factory teamed up with DoorDash to provide a special treat: 40,000 slices of FREE cheesecake delivered in the US.

The promotion was in honor of the restaurant chain's 40th anniversary. The company is also offering free delivery on DoorDash until Dec. 11.

People were STOKED.

However, maybe they were a little too stoked. The promotion quickly descended into madness, even leading to an arrest in Virginia.

DEVELOPING: Police and medics on scene of large crowd at the Clarendon Cheesecake Factory amid a free cheesecake promotion

As first reported by Arlington Now, police were called to a Cheesecake Factory in Arlington due to the huge influx of delivery drivers trying to pick up orders.

Police spokesperson Ashley Savage told the website the scene got “a little hectic." The police department didn't immediately return a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.

When officers arrived, one person refused to follow their commands to leave. Another posted a video on Twitter that seems to show some sort of struggle inside.

@DoorDash @ARLnowDOTcom @Cheesecake @washingtonpost @dcexaminer over 2hrs wait for delivery drivers,cars got ticketed,ppl got arrested n profanities thrown at the poor employees. Not worth getting injured over $6,jerks.

Savage told Arlington Now that, after struggling with officers, the person was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

“DoorDash was made aware of this incident, and we are cooperating with local law enforcement,” a company spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

While the incident in Arlington was the most dramatic, restaurants from coast to coast faced a huge influx of delivery drivers trying to help people get the free promo.

Mobs of #DoorDashers wait for hours to deliver free cheesecake as part of a @Cheesecake Factory & @DoorDash #freecheesecake promo. Not sure what kind of planning went into this but the organization & execution can be safely labeled as a complete clusterf*. All parties unhappy.

They shared photos online of huge lines.

@PatsHoppedUp I was delivering for door dash today. This was the scene at cheesecake factory.

The craziness extended from Florida...

Unaware of such a promotion, I went to the Cheesecake Factory in Boca to buy some slices to bring home to the family. There must have been like 40 people in line waiting for their free cheesecake. Fortunately I didn't have to wait in line because I was paying full retail.

Many unhappy customers were upset not only about the wait for their free slice, but also that delivery drivers got caught up in the mess...

@DreamNofTahiti IS HANGRY AND THIS ISNT RIGHT OF @Cheesecake Factory to not care about the @DoorDash drivers being held HOSTAGE IN THE LOBBY! @rtv6 @WTHRcom #Scam #CheesecakeFactory #DoorDash READ THIS THREAD.

...who were the ones actually waiting in these lines.

One person claimed their driver waited for two hours.

@seungminkim My local Cheesecake factory here in Houston is so overrun our DoorDash driver has been in line trying to get orders for two hours. This sounds like a mess. Glad I have nowhere to be.

Another said their driver was in line for nearly three.

My @DoorDash driver stood in line for NEARLY THREE HOURS for my one piece of Cheesecake. I really, really hope that Door Dash takes care of these drivers after todays shenanigans!

And another called the situation "incredibly unorganized."

@DoorDash Incredibly unorganized. Neither the restaurant or the DoorDash rep at the Galleria in Houston were prepared for this. Nothing was set up in advance. Drivers were all mashed together whether you needed one slice, stacked orders, or food+cheesecake...AT LUNCHTIME!

"I feel so awful for all the delivery drivers for @DoorDash The driver was so apologetic and kept in constant contact with me."

Well it took over three hours to get it but I can't complain and it was free. I feel so awful for all the delivery drivers for @DoorDash The driver was so apologetic and kept in constant contact with me. Thank you! #FreeSlice @Cheesecake #Thankful #freecheesecake

Delivery drivers said on social media the promotion made it harder to do their jobs.

@DreamNofTahiti @Cheesecake @DoorDash I’m a driver as well, and had to cancel my orders. We don’t get paid hourly or to wait for orders, so it’s just not worth the 2-3 hour wait

One person said on Twitter some of the drivers waited in the freezing cold to try to work.

@DoorDash I dropped my 2 orders when I saw the line in SLC wrapped around the building. Everyone standing outside in 28 degree freezing cold. No possible way my orders were ready, don’t punish us drivers for not accepting orders you can’t fulfill

"Stood out in the freezing cold & I literally mean below freezing temps. So unorganized!"

@DoorDash Stood out in the freezing cold & I literally mean below freezing temps. So unorganized! I received my extra pay but my sister did not! She opted for Doordash today because of all the notifications you were sending of increased pay. Please don’t act like this was a successful day.

But those who did get their slice seemed pretty happy.

Got my free #Cheesecake from #cheesecakefactory

As one person on Instagram put it, it was "so effing worth the wait."

The Cheesecake Factory did not immediately return a request for comment.

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