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The Cute Kids Whose Parents Dragged Them To The Iowa Caucuses Are The Real Heroes

Isn't it past your bedtime?

Posted on February 1, 2016, at 9:13 p.m. ET

The Iowa caucuses are underway and many of the first-in-the-nation state's residents have shown up to participate.

Michael B. Thomas / AFP / Getty Images

But as all parents know, babysitters don't grow on trees.

A handful of caucus-goers have brought their kids

So, many caucus voters brought their kiddies along with them for this uniquely American democratic experience.

It's so silly — these babies can't even vote!

Instagram: @riannemaev

These kids are more engaged in this than most adults!

Instagram: @porroville

There is nothing this baby loves more than FREEDOM.

Instagram: @brendakovatch

This kid is dying so badly to vote, I'm smiling from ear to ear at the future direction of America!

Instagram: @churchs19

I'm ready to immediately elect this kid.

Instagram: @miriamalarconavila

Of course, some kids were a little more interested in other things.

Instagram: @jc93080

"Do we have to go to school tomorrow, Mom?"

Amy Varcoe came to #caucus with 3 kids (and came well prepared :-) Her husband, Nick, thinks @marcorubio will win.

Any night is better with an American Girl* doll.

Instagram: @calebpike82

*At least that's what it looks like.

In conclusion, Iowans have taught us they know how to have some good, clean, American fun.

And just for good measure, here is a video of a bunny that was hashtagged #iowacaucus on Instagram.

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