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A Guy Put His Cat Through An Airport Scanner And Everyone Lost Their Minds

Even the TSA flipped out, witnesses said.

Last updated on July 2, 2015, at 3:59 p.m. ET

Posted on July 2, 2015, at 3:59 p.m. ET

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There was pandemonium at Los Angeles International Airport's Terminal 3 on Wednesday after a man tried to put his cat through the X-ray machine, the Transportation Security Administration confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

This is a stock photo, not the actual cat.
Craig Smith / Getty Images

This is a stock photo, not the actual cat.

According to one witness, the cat's owner just plopped the animal in a bag and sent the bag through the screener. When the TSA realized what was inside, they lost their minds.

HOLY SHIT. A dude just put his cat inside the X-Ray machine at LAX. The TSA is flipping the fuck out.

The TSA told BuzzFeed News although they can confirm the incident happened, they aren't aware of anyone becoming angry with the cat's owner, including other passengers.

The witness, Sara Benincasa, said the TSA agents were pretty angry about it, saying the "animal lovers" were filled with "rage."

I have seen people pulled out of the TSA line for knives. Guns. I have never seen the rage of the TSA when dude just put his cat in the XRay


The TSA folks at Terminal 3 at LAX are animal lovers. They lost their shit when that dude put his cat through the scanner. RAGE.

The Sklar Brothers, a comedy duo, was also at LAX at the time and tweeted that the entire terminal erupted in screams.

The amount of screaming that's happening in the Jet Blue terminal at LAX is incredible right now and yet it feels completely appropriate.

Of course, people on Twitter were very concerned about the cat's welfare.

@SaraJBenincasa OMG HE BETTER BE FINE OR I WILL LOSE MY SHIT. I am very sensitive.

Though some people said maybe he will now get super-powers.

@SaraJBenincasa I bet $1 he'll slowly grow into an x-ray-powered Godzilla-like monster.


But many people said that the cat will be totally fine.

@SaraJBenincasa I was worried enough to look it up; apparently the screening x-ray is about 1 mR, not enough to hurt. Guy's still an idiot.

And apparently this happens all the time?!

@SaraJBenincasa I worked for TSA for a bit (yes it was the worst) and I stopped probably a half dozen people from doing exactly this.

In fact, this apparently already happened at LAX this week.

I have now seen everything. A woman trying to put a live cat, no cage, through the xray thing at LAX security. Officers suddenly screaming!

The Sklar Brothers later posted a picture saying the cat's owner was on their flight.

They said: "The ACTUAL guy who put his cat thru the xRay machine was on OUR plane. This is him. For the record he stowed his wife in the overhead compartment."

But Benincasa said she didn't think the cat's owner meant his pet any harm, and was just confused.

I actually felt bad for the guy who put the cat through the X-Ray, thereby inventing #XRayCat. I think he thought it was proper procedure.

She told BuzzFeed News she felt bad for the owner, and that the cat was "the least upset of anyone there."

"I just hope people know he made an innocent mistake and is probably an excellent owner," she said. "The cat appeared to be well-cared for and loved."

But Benincasa said she hopes the cat really does develop superpowers.

"The man will have to be the cat's servant, like Alfred is to Batman," she said.

So next time you're slogging your way through security, keep an eye out for a kitty.

This is not the cat in question.
PATRICK PLEUL / Getty Images

This is not the cat in question.