Here's All The Jokes You Need About Steve Bannon Leaving The White House

"Bannon has alt-left the White House."

Steve Bannon, President Trump's chief strategist, is officially out of a job, the White House confirmed on Friday.

People on Twitter soon began to troll Bannon without mercy.

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A lot of people were super excited Bannon was gone.

#Bannon #BannonOut #BannonIsHistory celebrations 🎉

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There was tons of rejoicing.

@RayAgua1031 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @RayAgua1031


@BradReason / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BradReason

A lot of other clever cats made some ~fun puns~.

Bannon has alt-left the White House [oh god, sam]

@samstein / Twitter / Via Twitter: @samstein

Good one!

A-BANNON YE ALL HOPE yes i am available for hire

@cjane87 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cjane87


Woah. I did Nazi that coming. Don't worry, Steve, I'm sure you'll be alt-right. #BannonOut

@JamesBrownsell / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JamesBrownsell

Still, others latched on to Trump's comments this week defending Confederate statues, and they all had the same joke.

BREAKING: Trump has removed a statue honoring the confederacy from the White House.

@emptywheel / Twitter / Via Twitter: @emptywheel

This "statue" is gone, too. Sad!

BREAKING NEWS: Grotesque Confederate Statue Removed from the White House.

@davidehrlich / Twitter / Via Twitter: @davidehrlich

Ice cold.

Guess Bannon isn't as beautiful as his racist statue counterparts Trump wants so desperately to preserve.

@OhNoSheTwitnt / Twitter / Via Twitter: @OhNoSheTwitnt

Media types all made the same joke as well.

Trump is clearly pivoting to video #BannonOUT

@samstein / Twitter / Via Twitter: @samstein

Everyone is doing it these days.

@mariskreizman / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mariskreizman

Others imagined what was really going on in the White House.

Hope Hicks looks down at her notebook. With a red pen she neatly crosses out the name: -STEPHEN K. BANNON She smiles and turns the page...

@ComfortablySmug / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ComfortablySmug

Or Trump's real motives.

BREAKING: Donald Trump sends Steve Bannon away to find the cure for greyscale. "I command you to heal yourself," Tr…

@majtague / Twitter / Via Twitter: @majtague

(Note: this photo isn't real and comes from the Onion.)

Oh my.

Steve Bannon has resigned to spend more time with his jars of preserved animal fetuses

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And of course, people made Apprentice jokes.

Are there even any contestants left on White House season one to get fired? #bannonout

@MandysLandBlog / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MandysLandBlog

Or maybe it's not a joke?

So Bannon is out now? Is someone gonna get axed every week like…like… Holy shit. We are LIVING The Apprentice.

@AngryBlackLady / Twitter / Via Twitter: @AngryBlackLady

Who is even left at the White House anymore?

@Phil_Lewis_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Phil_Lewis_

Regardless, we will miss you, Steve.

Trump administration "In Memoriam": Steve Bannon edition

@ParkerMolloy / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ParkerMolloy

And everything that could have been.

.@rosie we will never see our dream realized. #Bannon #ByeFelicia! 🎉

@margaretcho / Twitter / Via Twitter: @margaretcho

Another one bites the dust!

Another one bites the dust... #Bannon

@nypost / Twitter / Via Twitter: @nypost

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