Bud Light And HBO Teamed Up For A "Game Of Thrones"–Themed Super Bowl Ad

"Drogon really isn’t a fan of domestic beer."

Bud Light teamed up with HBO for a Game of Thrones–themed Super Bowl ad teasing the show's final season.

The ad featured the "Bud Knight" being beaten in a joust by the Mountain and a dragon. It ended with the final season's tag line, "For the Throne."

Fans were pretty stoked about the crossover.

Bud Light and Game Of Thrones is the most ambitious crossover of all time. #SuperBowl⁠ ⁠

They dubbed it the best ad so far of the night.

Best Commercial so far! #ForTheThrone #Super Bowl #GameOfThrones

"Drogon really isn’t a fan of domestic beer."

Drogon really isn’t a fan of domestic beer #SuperBowlLIII #GameofThrones

And while it kiiind of fulfilled fans' appetite for hints about the next season...

Did #GameofThrones just beat @budlight? Either way, I loved it. Ugh, is it April 14th yet?

A lot of people were like...when are we getting a real trailer, though?

Us: Can we please just get a real #GameOfThrones trailer? HBO:

Come on, HBO!

Give us the fooking trailer!!!!#ForTheThrone #GameOfThrones @GameOfThrones @HBO

Watch the whole Bud Light/Game of Thrones Super Bowl ad:

.@TheBudKnight’s watch has ended. What will you do #ForTheThrone? #SBLIII @BudLight

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