This Girl Used Tinder In A Very Practical Way And People Are Impressed

What a ~bright~ idea.

Aline is a 18-year-old freshman at Oswego University in upstate New York. She's used Tinder, but told BuzzFeed News she's never taken it that seriously.

Recently, she was hanging out with her cousin when she had an idea for a new Tinder account. Instead of using it to find a date, she could use it to sell something. Her cousin graciously offered her a lamp she was trying to unload.

To her surprise, she got a ton of responses, so many that the app eventually crashed her phone. And the men responding to her did the absolute most — like this guy who didn't seem to get he was propositioning a lamp.

Some guys had other things to say.

Anyway, someone was even willing to buy the lamp for $125! However, Aline said the buyer asked to meet in person — and there's been no response when she declined.

She shared the saga on Twitter, where everyone began to send her the same response she said most people on Tinder did...

I made a tinder to sell my lamp and got so many matches and messages that it crashed my phone and sent it into a cr…

Which was of course, "I love lamp."

Some people were shook the lamp was more successful on Tinder then they are.

@AlineLaReine_ @airbag483 a lamp can get a match but i can't

Keep plugging away, Aline!

@AlineLaReine_ ur the "plug" aline

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