This Bride's Friends Threw Her An Amazingly Quirky "Office"-Themed Shower And It Was On Point

Bears, beets, bridal shower.

Kayleigh Brown and Ian Carpenter are a couple from Coral Springs, Florida, who are getting married this June. Brown told BuzzFeed News she is a huge fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Office, which she called her "absolute favorite show."

In fact, she has a beet tattoo dedicated to the show, which was done by one of her bridesmaids. So, for their wedding, the couple knew they wanted to include "subtle aspects" of their favorite pop culture in their big day.

"For example, my signature drink is called That's What She Said, our wedding website is, and our hashtag is #threatlevelwedding," she said. "I'm DIYing 90% of my wedding."

When Brown's bridesmaids began planning her shower, they decided to make it Office-themed. Brown's girls, who she called super crafty, and her mother worked together to make it perfect.

"My mom helped to bring in that 'bridal shower feel,' so it felt like a super classy but really fun themed party," she said. "They all worked so unbelievably hard on this shower and I cant express my level of appreciation and love for my friends."

She added: "I've never been the type to follow the 'typical path,' so a standard bridal shower was never even a thought."

The level of at the shower detail was pretty incredible, from Brown being gifted a "World's Best Bride" mug...

To the decor greeting the guests as they arrived.


One of Brown's bridesmaids, Debbie, runs a bakery, and made some delicious and hilarious themed treats.

And the other snacks were ON POINT.

As were the centerpieces... you notice that beet?

Brown said she knew the theme, but the rest of the shower was a surprise. She said she was amazed by what her friends created, noting the majority of the shower was DIY.

"I was completely blown away by the level of detail and thought that went into my shower," she said. "My friends went above and beyond the call of friendship. Specifically what stuck out to me were the beet centerpieces and the Meredith mimosa bar. Hysterical and iconic."

Brown shared some photos of her shower in a Facebook post, and it has gone super viral. But Brown says all the "likes" should go to the women in her life who made it possible.

"Truly though, this is all the work of my bridesmaids, and they deserve all of this attention," she said. "They created a beautifully executed, hilarious, fun, and overall relatable party and the world loves it."

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