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People Are Screaming After Nancy Kerrigan Was Told To "Break A Leg" On DWTS


Last updated on March 22, 2017, at 4:31 p.m. ET

Posted on March 22, 2017, at 4:04 p.m. ET

Former skating champion Nancy Kerrigan is on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. Fun! Go, Nancy!

Fellow skater Kristi Yamaguchi wished her pal good luck in a tweet. "So excited for you @NancyAKerrigan! Can't wait to see you grace that ballroom floor, break a leg!" she wrote.


But wait...did she just say...break a leg? To Nancy Kerrigan? Of the infamous Tonya Harding leg scandal?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about *cough* teens *cough*, read this.

Or, if you don't want to click, here is the short version. Kerrigan was attacked in 1994 before the Winter Olympics by a man later revealed to be paid off by associates of Harding, her rival at the time. She later recovered and won a silver medal.

It was a big deal, and you should educate yourself.

People who saw the tweet were just like, OMG this is awk.

OMG wat.

I literally spit my drink out reading this.

This tweet is just stunning.

Some gave Kristi the benefit of the doubt, and wondered if she just didn't think about what she was saying.

But others were like, I see u Kristi.

Could this be...a savage burn?

Or a joke?



But sorry, people who wanted the tweet to be shady, Yamaguchi's rep insists in a statement to BuzzFeed News that she meant no harm:

Kristi loves Nancy and has nothing but respect for her. No ill will was intended with the tweet and Nancy herself has received and commented on the well wishes that were sent. Kristi is finding the reactions on social media humorous but unfortunately for those who want it to have been shady, that’s not the case.

Just was looking at this, I am adjusting to new contacts...#oops! Thank you @kristiyamaguchi for the advise! It def…

In that case, please enjoy this one pure person who took the tweet at face value.

@kristiyamaguchi she will be great! Cannot believe it's already been 9 years since your win!