The Best Quarantine Content Is This Guy Trying To Make His Husband's Starbucks Drink At Home Every Day

If you need a distraction, welcome to Bradbucks.

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Celebs are doing a LOT on Instagram right now, but my favorite content is watching celebrity stylist Brad Goreski attempt to replicate his husband’s, TV writer Gary Janetti's, very specific Starbucks drink at home during quarantine.

Like many people (*cough* my husband *cough*), Gary has a VERY SPECIFIC Starbucks order that he NEEDS to have every day. In fact, Brad has shared Gary's Starbucks order on his Instagram to his followers before calling it The Gary, and fans have ordered it (it even went kind of viral!).

The drink is a Grande Iced Caffè Mocha, no whip, almond milk, with only two pumps of mocha. Being the nice guy that he is, Brad decided to attempt to make Gary his usual at home while quarantined.

He filmed the first attempt and put it on his IGTV, writing: "Bradbucks is now open for business." That first attempt went...OK?

"I like it," Gary said. "It doesn't taste the same, though. It tastes different, but I like it."

Not one to be discouraged, Brad opened Bradbucks for a second time. This time, he tried out different tricks using tips real Starbucks baristas sent in. One of the best parts of the videos is how ENGAGED Gary is in the process. If you know a Starbucks person like this, then you know.

His commentary is...incredible.

Since then, Brad has been posting Bradbucks videos every day. And he is perfecting his barista skills, with a TON of tips.

And the videos are getting even more hilarious.

People are now living for the videos.

Is anyone else as invested in Bradbucks as I am or

Being quarantined has me looking forward to watching @mrbradgoreski make Gary his iced coffee every morning on Instagram #Bradbucks 😂

"Highlight of my day!! The anticipation!! Will he like it?" wrote one person.

They are basically world-building Bradbucks.

Hello @mrbradgoreski What would the Bradbucks uniform look like ? 🤔

Fan fiction is emerging?

@mrbradgoreski You should get that customer @GaryJanetti Gary’s number. He’s pretty cute! #Bradbucks #grandemochatwopumpsnowhipwalmondmilk

Literally people are LIVING for it. This is all we have!!!

It’s late morning in CA, the American people need today’s edition of Bradbucks!!!!! @mrbradgoreski @GaryJanetti #Bradbucks

Why isn’t it Bradbucks time yet 😩 I’m living in the wrong time zone. @mrbradgoreski @GaryJanetti

It was Gary's birthday Sunday, and he even got his free birthday drink, courtesy of Bradbucks. 😅

Watch the full series on Brad's IGTV.

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