Fans Of "Stranger Things" Are Loving What A Starbucks Barista Wrote On The Actress Who Plays Barb's Cup

She really did, though.

Shannon Purser is an actor best known, of course, for playing Barb on Stranger Things.

And since her character is so popular, Purser gets a lot of love from fans of the show, even though she wasn't even on this past season. Sometimes, she shares the love on her social media, like this post of a crochet Barb from a fan (seriously, how cute is that).

On Wednesday, Purser shared another note from a fan that came on an unexpected place: her Starbucks cup. Instead of writing her name, the barista (and apparently a fan of the show) wrote, "Barb deserved better."

Not surprisingly, fans LOVED it.

@shannonpurser @neatokiddo When you see an awesome celebrity interaction for a change

When even Starbucks agrees, you know you're right.

Barb was the GOAT.

@marcbulandr @shannonpurser She certainly did! #BarbDeservedBetter

Although, some people were just impressed that the Starbucks barista spelled the whole sentence right.

@shannonpurser Wow, it's Starbucks, so I'm surprised it doesn't say "BRAB DESERVED BETTER"

Some fans were hoping to get justice for another character, as well.

@shannonpurser I thought this said "bob deserved better" and i was like yes even Shannon agrees but nope i guess barb is still a thing ha

Purser responded to this tweet: "Bob DEFINITELY deserved better."

Starbucks even chimed in with an adorable pun.

@shannonpurser An UpChai Down > The Upside Down. 🙃

A spokesperson for Starbucks told BuzzFeed News that "Starbucks always tries to pick up folks who are feeling upside down — and Barb needed this more than anyone."

Props to you, barista!

@shannonpurser Not all heroes wear capes but some of them do and wear it in the front and call it an apron.

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