This Man Slept In His Contact Lenses And Is Now Blind In One Eye

And doctors say his story is actually more common than you might think.

This is Chad Groeschen, a 39-year-old from Cincinnati.

Last month, Groeschen was at work when his eyes started itching. He figured it was allergies, so he wasn't too concerned.

Groeschen told BuzzFeed News that he woke up the next day feeling like he had a sinus infection, so he went to the doctor for medicine.

The day after, Groeschen woke up with excruciating pain in his left eye, and almost no vision at all. He found a specialist, who told him his eye was severly infected with Pseudomonas bacteria.

Doctors told Groeschen that they think he contracted the bacteria from sleeping in extended-wear contacts.

The active hiker and scuba diver said that at this point, he is completely blind in one eye.

His story sounds like a freak accident, but one doctor told BuzzFeed News this happens way more often than people may think.

Dr. Thomas Steinemann, a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, told BuzzFeed News he treated a case very similar to Groeschen's just this week, and he actually treats several a year.

Even scarier, people contract this infection from habits that most contact lens wearers do every day out of habit or laziness.

Steinemann encourages contact lens wearers to realize that this can happen to anyone, and to take their eye health seriously.

As for Groeschen, his doctors have told him that he will likely need a cornea transplant to regain vision in his eye.

He said he hopes that others will read his story and realize that when it comes to your eyes, you can't mess around.

"If anything happens to your eye seek a specialist immediately...(and) maintain impeccable hygiene when it comes to your eyes," he said.

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