Blake Lively Unfollowed Ryan Reynolds And Deleted All Her Instagrams But Relax, Everything's Fine


It was an ordinary day, everyone was minding their own business, when suddenly THIS happened.

Blake Lively, queen of Instagram and blonde hair, deleted all of her posts and unfollowed almost everyone, including her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Fans were like, um, excuuuuse?

What on earth is going on with @blakelively insta? 🧐🤨


Seriously thought Blake Lively blocked me on instagram and high-key panicked for a sec

They were especially worried about the fact she unfollowed Ryan. (?!)

If Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds are separated then I am blocking every single guy in my phone and social media bc I will lose faith in “love”



Soon, there was a clue. People started to notice that Blake was now only following 28 women named Emily Nelson.

They were even more confused.

I’m so confused why is Blake Lively’s entire Instagram deleted and now she only follows girls named Emily Nelson

Although it was a GREAT day for the Emily Nelsons of the world!

does anyone want to tell me why Blake Lively followed me and had this as a bio. Goodbye cruel world some hacker is anti-Emily, my time has come :-)

Was it a hack?

Did someone hack @blakelively Instagram? All her photos are gone and she follows 28 people called Emily Nelson

What is happening?

What is happening with @blakelively ig account?! Who is Emily Nelson?! 😳 can you answer @RyanReynolds?! No way you are heading to divorce????

Don't worry, though, everyone. THIS IS NOT A TIME TO PANIC. Blake soon posted a tweet alluding to this mysterious Emily.

And using some ~journalism~, we can see that Blake's upcoming movie role is playing a character called "Emily" in a movie called A Simple Favor.

The movie is based on a book by Darcey Bell, and is about a woman trying to solve the mystery of her best friend's disappearance. The friend's name is — you guessed it — Emily Nelson.

Lively will star with Anna Kendrick in the movie, which will be released this fall.

It appears the Instagram wipe is a Taylor Swift–esque promo for the movie.

Once it became clear what was happening, people were pretty impressed with the stunt.

Can you imagine just living life with the name “Emily Nelson”, then one day @blakelively follows you on Insta to promote her movie. Haha hi, I’m Emily.

And all Emilys were jealous.

So I heard that @blakelively was following only people named Emily on Instagram & panicked realizing my name wasn't in my username so I changed it only to find out she's following people named "Emily Nelson". 😭💔#SoClose #Emily #EmilyNelson

Now we can all relax, and be jealous of Emily Nelson.

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