The Only Thing Getting Us Through This Election Cycle Is This Beautiful Exotic Duck That Appeared In NYC

Big duck energy.

A rare Mandarin duck has appeared in a pond in New York City’s Central Park and birders and residents are delighted.

According to Gothamist, the duck first appeared in October. Since then it has stayed put, and seems to like being a New Yorker.

It’s a mystery how the duck ended up in NYC, because the bird is rarely seen in North America, and does not migrate anywhere near the city. It’s actually native to East Asia, Dave Barrett of Manhattan Bird Alert told Gothamist.

The most likely way the bird ended up in Central Park is that it is someone’s escaped pet, BuzzFeed News reporter and resident bird enthusiast Katie Notopoulos said on AM to DM.

The fancy Central Park duck is most likely someone's escaped pet, says @katienotopoulos 🦆

Initially, the parks department planned on capturing the bird and bringing it to safety. However, ranger John McCoy told the Gothamist on Thursday the department changed its mind and has decided to let the bird be.

“The animal, from what we’ve seen and heard, is healthy. It’s able to fly, it’s able to feed, and it seems to be social with the other water fowl in the park,” he said. “So, there’s no risk of anything bad or negative happening, and the animal itself isn’t hurt, from what we can see. So right now we’re going to leave [it] alone.”

He also said the bird most likely got into the park because it was a pet and its owner abandoned it. Pet ducks are illegal in the city.

The parks department shared a video on Thursday of our new friend enjoying his new home.

Mysterious Mandarin Duck visits The Pond in @CentralParkNYC!

And New Yorkers have been flocking to see it.

good morning - successfully spotted New York’s newly famous Mandarin duck at the 59th and 5th pond while running!! ( cc @BirdCentralPark

He’s the toast of the town!

BIRD IS THE WORD! I spotted Central Park's newly famous Mandarin Duck! @NY1

This guy said he even skipped his lunch to see the bird IRL.

Skipping lunch to see the beautiful Mandarin duck! I never thought I would see one in my lifetime. #birding #Centralpark

He’s even inspired Halloween costumes!

Things I have in common with the Central Park Glamour Duck: 1. We both often show up in Central Park unannounced 2. Zoos are frequently on the lookout for us 3. We love the 79th St Boat Basin!! 5. EYELINER 6. Loose, white shit. #HappyHalloween #CentralPark #GlamourDuck 🦆👠🦆💋🦆


Another vital update about the very rare & marvelous Mandarin duck in Central Park, whose existence was first reported by @jenist for @Gothamist & @WNYC

We stan a queen.

Other ducks could never.

The Central Park Mandarin Duck has the other ducks shook!

In conclusion, New York now officially has some big duck energy.

big duck energy thank you

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