Here Are All The Best Jokes About Hilaria Baldwin's Heritage Scandal

"The hilaria baldwin lies are reminding me of when b*n affl*ck lied about his phoenix back tattoo and said it was for a role."

If you weren't on the internet this weekend, you may have missed a confusing yet somewhat hilarious scandal sweeping the nation. Hilaria Baldwin, the yoga influencer wife of Alec Baldwin, has been accused of exaggerating her Spanish heritage by faking an accent and changing her birth name, Hilary.

If you missed it, here's an explainer with some of the key points floating around. But to catch you up to speed, Hilaria's now-deleted CAA profile said she was born in Spain, she has been referred to in the press as "Spanish" for years, and has spoken in interviews with an accent that comes and goes. Alec has also referred to his wife as being "from Spain," the press has said her family is from the country, and the couple's five children all have Spanish names.

However, people online are now claiming Hilaria, born Hilary Thomas, has been exaggerating her Spanish roots and was actually born and attended school in Boston. They reference a Boston Herald article from 2012 which explains Hilaria's ties to the area, her name change, and have also dug deep into the heritage of her parents and grandparents (Hilaria's parents do currently live in Spain, where they retired after long careers in Boston).

Others have pointed out how it is problematic for an American to appropriate an immigrant experience, no matter how close they may feel to a culture.

hilaria baldwin is so privileged she thinks that changing her background and identity into someone more “ethnic” will make her more “special” meanwhile lots of immigrants anglicize their names and struggle w ppl pronouncing their names wrong just to fit in :/

Hilaria addressed the rumors over the weekend, saying that she split time between Spain and Boston as a child and was raised bilingual, so she feels she belongs to both cultures. She also said she was raised being called both Hilaria and Hilary. Alec has also defended her, as has her stepdaughter, Ireland.

For whatever reason (we are bored), the story has captivated many of us. And despite the Baldwins' attempt to clarify the situation, the story has only grown.

There are a lot of rumors flying around, and I invite you to fall down those rabbit holes. Of course, the memes are also flowing. And TBH, they are really, really funny. This is a classic.

Lots of pop culture fits.

Me: Referencing the Bridesmaids plane scene in 2020 is cringe. Also me: Is this Hilaria Baldwin.

The hilaria baldwin lies are reminding me of when b*n affl*ck lied about his phoenix back tattoo and said it was for a role

As does current events.

@The_Law_Boy I wonder if Hillary and Hilaria are each getting $600

A lot of people are joking about their own ~~new backstories~~.

#hilariabaldwin is an inspiration. I have been to Paris twice and pronounce croissant with an accent. See me.

If #hilariabaldwin vacationing in Mallorca as a child makes her a Spaniard; than all those summers at Walt Disney World makes me Mary Fuckin’ Poppins.

Also this def needs to happen, right?

Hilaria Baldwin needs to take this whole mess to the Red Table...or as she would say, the Mesa Roja.

And then a lot of people just wanted to know more.

I think Hilaria Baldwin did the sitcom thing of telling a big lie to get Alec to notice her. And her friends were like “this will never work out, Hilaria, are you going to pretend to be Spanish forever?” And she was like “I guess”

Me, unable to stop reading about Hilaria Baldwin:

Me trying to explain the #hilariabaldwin “Spanish” drama to my husband this morning. 2020 has me in desperate need of celebrity scandals.

No matter what is actually going on here, thank you, Hilaria. This scandal has been a great distraction from the shitshow that is 2020.

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