A Black Screen Just Aired For Like 30 Seconds During The Most Expensive TV Time Of The Year

Nope, it wasn't just your TV.

Everyone was watching the second half of the Super Bowl Sunday when the feed cut out for like 30 seconds of a black screen. At first, people thought their TV was the issue...

No lie my TV went black for a minute wtf..

But it turns out, people across the country saw it too.

Commercial break here in LA is... just a black screen. Somebody just lost a lot of money.

Everyone was pretty confused.

Was a commercial just a black screen? What does it mean!!!?

Um, what??

Mayhem was about to ensue!

That black screen made me think I turned off the TV on accident. I was about to panic. #SuperBowl

What's good, NBC Sports?

When the TV goes black during @NFL #SuperBowl When 30 seconds is worth 5 million $USA and no commercial @NBC… https://t.co/Hy8Xikn7y3

Innocent TVs could have been lost!

My TV screen just went black for about 30 seconds and I was about to go ham. #SuperBowl

An NBC Sports spokesperson soon told the public that nothing ~weird~ was going on.

"We had a brief equipment failure that we quickly resolved," the broadcaster said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. :No game action or commercial time were missed."

However, conspiracy theories began to emerge.

So like was the government doing some shit or what cause the TV went black lol

Hallo what.

Why did my tv go black. Are we being bombed by Korea? Is it the Russians? #SuperBowl

Could be.

I thought the “dead air/black screen” was another Tide commercial. Showing you what happens when you eat #TidePods. #SB52

This has happened before!

When your tv went black like the finale of the Sopranos and you’re legit confused. #SuperBowl

Some began to wonder how much that black screen cost, considering the Super Bowl is the most expensive ad time of the year.

That 15 seconds of a black screen was worth about $2.5 million

But other people embraced the missing ad.

Best Super Bowl commercial so far has been “empty black screen”

They luved it.

The black screen with no sound is the best commercial bud light has run in a year

We are all that black screen.

s/o to the void of black that occupied my tv for 30 sec

America, 2018.

my favorite commercial was the 30 seconds of black screen sponsored by existential dread and emptiness