People Can't Figure Out What Color Suit Bernie Sanders Is Wearing At The Debate

It is a much more heated debate than the one between the candidates.

Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had their second debate since Sunday on CNN/Univision Wednesday night.

But on Twitter, a much more important debate was brewing.

Bernie Sanders's suit looks brown to me. @AaronBlake says its blue. Who's right?

What color suit was Sanders wearing?

Is Bernie Sanders wearing a dark brown suit, or is that my TV?

While some people complimented the senator on his snazzy brown suit...

Bernie rocking a brown suit tonight #DemDebate

Others saw black.

Bernie Sanders' suit is black, people. #DemDebate.

Some people were so convinced the suit was brown they criticized his style...based on the color.

Does anyone under 70 own a brown suit? Bernie needs a stylist and a new suit. #DemDebate

Though some people were into it.

Bernie, I like the brown suit. Nice change from the uniforms candidates like to wear.#DEMDEBATE

The debate became more fiery than the debate between the candidates!

Is Bernie Sanders' suit brown? Or is this like you know what and it's actually yellow. #DemDebate

So what color is it? Plot twist, the campaign says Sanders is wearing...BLUE.

the suit senator sanders is wearing tonight is blue.

Is this possible?!?!?!

What color is Bernie’s suit? You be the judge.

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