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This Poor Mom Tried To Send A Sweet Message To Her Daughter And Instead Texted Her Something Very NSFW

Who did this to Grace's mom??????

Posted on October 20, 2017, at 9:45 a.m. ET

Grace is a 23-year-old working in advertising in the Boston area. She lives near her sweet mom, who is a nurse.

Twitter: @graceL721

(We're not using Grace's surname or her mom's name because...well, you'll see).

Like many moms, Grace's mom sends her texts to make sure her daughter is being safe in the world. So, as it gets colder outside, she decided to send her a funny text about making sure to watch out for frost. But instead, she said this:


Twitter: @graceL721

Grace told BuzzFeed News she knew immediately her mom didn't know what "ass eating" actually meant.

"I think this is something she might have overheard or seen in a meme and confused it for 'eating shit,' and then was trying to be funny when she texted me," she said.

She told her mom it meant something sexual and NOT to look up the phrase.

"She was a little embarrassed but thought it was funny," Grace said. "I don't know if she looked it up, I really hope not."

After helping her mom out, Grace, of course, texted the screenshot to everyone she "could think of," and tweeted it. People on Twitter could not stop laughing.


It was the comedy we needed in this cold, cruel world.

@graceL721 @MikeyTBH oh my god. I needed this. LMFAOOO

Some people had theories on how Mom knew about the phrase.

@graceL721 @Chazraps she's been hanging out with a bad crowd. They're corrupting her.

But most people just found it relatable.

@TheTallOne42 @graceL721 Me as a mom, trying to be cool

"This reminds me of the time my mom asked me what rim jobs and behymens are," said one person.

@AaronJMitchell @graceL721 This reminds me of the time my mom asked me what rim jobs and behymens are 😱😱😱

Stay innocent, moms!