This Giraffe That Is About To Give Birth Is The Most Lit Thing On The Internet Right Now

Come on, April!

This is April, a 15-year-old giraffe living at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. April has given birth to three calves, and she's about to have her fourth.

April is a bit of a cougar because her baby daddy, Oliver, is only 5 — and this is his first baby, according to the park.

The park has been sharing photos of April on its Facebook page. Like every expecting mom, she proudly showed off that bump.

And she should, because giraffes are pregnant for 15 MONTHS.

As the birth of April's baby neared, the park decided to livestream her pen to capture the calf's entry into the world.

View this video on YouTube

And people soon became OBSESSED with the stream. Everyone is invested AF in the baby giraffe.

I keep checking in on this giraffe.

In fact, according to NBC New York, more than 30 million people have watched the stream on YouTube.

At the time of this writing, about 75,000 people were watching it.

People couldn't handle the stress.

*me talking to Siri this morning* HAS APRIL THE GIRAFFE HAD HER BABY YET YES OR NO

Or the long wait for the baby giraffe to make its appearance.

Me waiting for April the giraffe to have her baby. #AprilTheGiraffe #giraffewatch

Come on, April!

If April would go ahead and give birth to this baby giraffe, it would be much appreciated. Can't take my eyes off the live stream

People were really committed.

I've been waiting 3 days for April the Giraffe to have her baby🙃

It brought the world together.

It's 1:28 and I'm watching a giraffe giving birth 😂

Families found common ground.

My aunt now too... I just don't understand. Does anyone know if this giraffe had the baby or not so my family can g…

And kids even got to watch at school!

An amazing experience while we wait & watch "April" the giraffe who is so close to having her baby! @RCCDSB…

The giraffe stream was so viral, it even got targeted by trolls. The stream got pulled off YouTube on Thursday after it was reported for "sexual content" and "nudity."

Facebook: AnimalAdventurePark

The feed was later put back up without incident.

We are all pulling for you, April!


April has previously given birth to three calves. An earlier version of this story misstated the number.

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