The Women From "Hamilton" Included "Sisterhood" In "America The Beautiful" And People Loved It

"The Super Bowl just got interesting. Girl power."

Before the Super Bowl on Sunday, viewers were treated to a rendition of "America the Beautiful" by the original ladies of Hamilton.

The real reason I'm watching the Superbowl! #hamilton #schylersisters

Phillipa Soo, Renée Elise Goldsberry, and Jasmine Cephas Jones were the three original "Schuyler Sisters" in the Broadway musical.

But they added something a little extra to the iconic song. After singing "brotherhood," they added, "and sisterhood."

The #SchuylerSisters better go on with that "and Sisterhood!" #SuperBowl

The crowd went wild!

By far the best part of the super bowl so far #SuperBowl #schylersisters

And people online were like, yaaaaasss.

Love that they inserted "sisterhood" into America the Beautiful. Long overdue. #SuperBowl

They were so into the addition.

"And crown thy good with brotherhood AND SISTERHOOD from sea to shining sea." #HamilBowl #SchuylerSisters #WORK #Feminism @HamiltonMusical

"And don't forget sisterhood!"

And don't forget sisterhood! Yass ladies of #Hamilton #superbowl

Chrissy Teigen loved it, too.

Some wondered if it was a subtle protest moment.

Skylar sisters! #SisterHood #SuperBowl 1/? Protest moments

But others were just like, go ahead now, ladies.

Y'all know my girls from Hamilton #didthat and added a 'sisterhood' in 'America the beautiful'

"The Super Bowl just got interesting. Girl power."

AND.SISTERHOOD. 👏👏 The #SuperBowl just got interesting ✊🏼 #girlpower

Of course, some wondered when the trolls would come out.

How long before the addition of "sisterhood" in America The Beautiful causes an uproar and mysoginists show their dumb faces? #superbowl51

And come out they did.

But they couldn't take away from the moment online.

By far the best part of the super bowl so far #SuperBowl #schylersisters


"And sisterhood" - WORK! #SchylerSisters

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