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This Woman Turned The Tables On A Dude Creeping On Her And People Are Inspired

"They're going to get something out of this and I'm gonna get something back."

Posted on November 16, 2017, at 3:40 p.m. ET

Amanda Mills is a 22-year-old from Dallas. Over the past few years, she has built a considerable Twitter following just by being herself and sharing funny stories.

Instagram: @amills4091

"I have a crazy life; a lot of weird things happen to me," she told BuzzFeed News.

Take for example, what happened to her the other day. Mills says she was waiting in line to pay at the gas station, when a man started hitting on her and calling her cute.

Instagram: @amills4091

Mills said she likes to give guys a hard time when they hit on her. For example, she said she has asked guys for free pizzas when they slide into her DMs (and they delivered!).

So, she decided to ask the man, "cute enough for you to fill my tank?"

To her surprise, she said he cut her in line and paid for her gas, a bill she estimates at about $34.

"I was joking. I did not think he was going to say yes," she said.

Mills said she said "thanks" and got out of there. Funnily enough, she was heading to the house of a guy she was seeing at the time.

"I basically finessed another man to pay for my gas to get there," she said.

Mills decided to share her experience on Twitter. People had a LOT of feelings about it.

This guy at the gas station called me cute and I said "cute enough for you to fill my tank?" And now ya girls got a full tank.. a tactic

Many were impressed.

And I can’t even get a free water from McDonalds

Especially at her scamming abilities.

And some took notes.

Though some jokingly called her a "demon."

This here is a demon walking the surface of the earth

And some dudes said they wouldn't fall for it.

Mills said she feels like her story is something a lot of women can relate to, because "the last thing you want is some random guy to come up to you and bug you."

"They're going to get something out of this and I'm gonna get something back," she said.