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A Lot Of People In Lebanon Are Mad About An Instagram By Miss Israel

Miss Lebanon is denying she willingly posed for a photo with Miss Israel after an image of the two beauty queens sparked outrage.

Posted on January 18, 2015, at 3:51 p.m. ET

It may look innocent enough, but this photo is causing something of a diplomatic crisis at the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Lebanon is accusing Miss Israel of photobombing her after a snap of the two beauty queens caused outrage in the Arab country.

Miss Israel Doron Matalon posted the picture of herself, Miss Lebanon Saly Greige, Miss Japan, and Miss Slovenia on her Instagram account last week.

The women are in Miami to compete in the Miss Universe pageant on Jan. 25.

The selfie spread through social media and began to draw outrage in Lebanon.

Many users slammed Greige for posing with Matalon despite the violent history between Lebanon and Israel.

The two countries are sworn enemies. They last fought a war in 2006, but there are frequent flare ups on the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Many on social media even called for Greige to lose her title over the picture.

Greige defended herself in a post on Saturday on multiple social media platforms.

Facebook: misslebanonsalygreige

She accused Miss Israel of crashing a photo she had been taking with the other beauty queens.

In response, Miss Israel said on social media that the whole controversy made her “sad.”

Facebook: doron.matalon

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