A Cop Sang A Lullaby To Distract A Little Girl After Her Dad Was Killed In A Car Crash

Officer Nick Struck said he began singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," to the 2-year-old girl and rocking her as he does to his own child when she is upset.

A police officer in Colorado is being praised online after a witness captured a poignant moment between him and a toddler whose father had just died in a car accident.

The photo of Officer Nick Struck of the Brighton Police Department and the little girl was captured by a witness named Jessica Matrious, who shared it with 9News.

The officer said that he was handed one of the children, a girl around age 2, because she was not badly injured.

The child reminded Struck of his own toddler daughter, Struck said.

The photo of Struck and the girl soon spread online. Many people commented on the department's Facebook page, saying they were glad to have an officer like Struck in the community.

The department said they are proud of all of their officers.

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But Struck said he was just doing what his fellow officers all do every day.

"It's humbling just because you'd never want the focus on you," he said.