A 72-Year-Old Man Allegedly Plotted To Burn Down His Condo Complex To Kill "All The F*cking Jews"

Police found a storage room linked to the man, which contained a stockpile of gasoline-filled containers, sulfur powder, and potassium nitrate.

1/2 - MBPD has arrested 72yr old, Walter Stolper. Stolper is charged w/ 1st Degree Attempted Arson after dumping several gasoline filled containers down a trash chute. His motivation appears to be triggered by an upcoming eviction and anger towards Jewish neighbors. https://t.co/WsvRSRzCaT

Police say they have stopped a 72-year-old man who was imminently planning to attack his condo complex in Miami Beach because he wanted to burn down his apartment building with "all the fucking Jews."

Walter Stolper was arrested Friday after an anonymous tip.

Police said when they arrested Stolper, he had already poured "several gasoline-filled containers down a trash chute." He had two containers of gas with him when he was arrested.

"We are confident the work of our detectives prevented an imminent crisis at 5601 Collins Avenue," the Miami Beach Police Department said in a statement on Twitter.

Police later found a storage room linked to Stolper, which contained a stockpile of gasoline-filled containers, sulfur powder, and potassium nitrate.

UPDATE: Detectives have located a storage room linked to the defendant. The room located within the same building contained 28 additional containers with gasoline, sulfur powder, and potassium nitrate. He has now been charged the with Attempted Murder. https://t.co/9cXvNkWwiU

Police said Stolper was angry he was being evicted and hated his neighbors in the building who were Jewish.

According to the arrest warrant, Stolper told a witness he wanted to "burn down the building with all the fucking Jews."

Stolper's alleged plan was to pour gasoline down the building's main line and light it.

He also planned to fan the flames with electric fans in order to cause maximum harm and padlock the fire hoses to impede the fire department, the warrant states.

Neighbors reported smelling gas in the building before Stolper's arrest and reported that he had been aggressive toward them, police said.

Police also confirmed on Twitter they found books with Nazi ideology and items with swastikas inside Stolper's residence.

The Miami Beach police said on Twitter that Stolper has been charged with first-degree attempted arson and attempted murder.

Many people online, including people who said they lived in the building, praised the officers and witnesses for working together to stop the possible tragedy.

I am a resident of this condo. Thanks to @MiamiBeachPD and the person who tipped the police we are safe tonight! https://t.co/NEHlSmtLPG

The Anti-Defamation League said in a statement they were thankful for the work of the police to stop the attack, and urged prosecutors to classify it as a hate crime.

“We commend the Miami Beach Police Department, led by Chief Daniel J. Oates, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for taking this tip seriously, and for the swift investigation which undoubtedly thwarted a potential mass-casualty event,” Sheri Zvi, the Florida regional director of ADL, said.

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