"The Bachelor" Somehow Got Even Worse On The Second Night Of The Finale And Fans Are Shook

"Yes, I got engaged to her two weeks ago, broke up with her yesterday, and I'm one thousand percent over her."

Fans of The Bachelor are even more pissed after the second night of the show's messy finale, which featured bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. proposing to his runner-up pick, Lauren Burnham, after dumping his original fiancé, winner Becca Kufrin.

Fans were immediately angry when the show opened with Luyendyk appearing at Burnham's house, and her jumping into his arms.

watching lauren jump into aries arms #AfterTheFinalRose

They were pissssed.

me watching Lauren run into Arie’s arms as if nothing happened #AfterTheFinalRose

Then, Luyendyk told Burnham he was in love with her and totally over Kufrin, who he had literally just dumped.

Arie: I'm 1000% over Becca Bachelor Nation: #TheBachelor #afterthefinalrose

Women thought it was totally disrespectful.

when a poop log says he’s 100% over a woman he was engaged to like A DAY after he broke up with her #thebachelor

They called the move "gross."

"are you over becca?" "1000%." YOU WERE ENGAGED TO MARRY THIS WOMAN TWO DAYS AGO. THIS IS GROSS. #TheBachelor

And called him "garbage."

Lauren: Are you over Becca? Arie: One thousand percent. GARBAGE #ATFR #AftertheFinalRose


1000 percent over Becca? Wow! What a complete douchebag and a 1000 percent heartless #TheBachelor

"A monster."

#thebachelor Lauren: Are you a hundred percent over Becca? Ari: Yes Me:



They were also confused when Burnham took him back, and then hinted she wanted a proposal "soon."

Lauren: “you over Becca?” Arie: “yes definitely” Lauren: “okay you better propose soon, ily” WHAT IS THIS?? This can’t be.. #TheBachelor

They were, frankly, shook.

Omg she really wants him to propose ASAP? I am praying for this girl’s lack of self worth! #TheBachelor

And worried for Burnham.

Omg Lauren didn’t even put up a fight!That’s it???? AND THEN SHE SAID SHE HOPES ENGAGEMENT DOESNT TAKE MUCH LONGER. I’m dead!!! #thebachelor https://t.co/EIWJHhMQ0Y

Makes sense.

"Are you totally over Becca?" "Yes, I got engaged to her two weeks ago, broke up with her yesterday, and I'm one thousand percent over her." "Okay, I'm good, please give me a ring." Who is the bigger nutcase? #AftertheFinalRose

The show cut back to Burnham and Luyendyk, who discussed how their relationship has been since they reunited. Luyendyk then proposed to Burnham in front of the live studio audience.

And she said yes, obvi.

For many people, rejected contestant Bekah Martinez's face said it all.

Bekah is all of us #TheBachelor #AftertheFinalRose

Two proposals back to back?

Like do we think he used the same ring orrrr...???¿¿¿ #thebachelor

"Bekah is all of us."

#TheBachelor #AftertheFinalRose *Arie proposes to Lauren after breaking off his engagement to Becca* BEKAH IS ALL OF US https://t.co/0oCHcibUWe


How everyone felt during that engagement. #TheBachelor #AfterTheFinalRose #TheBachelorFinale

Did you ring-cycle, Arie?

Trying to inspect that ring to make sure it’s not Becca’s like... #afterthefinalrose #thebachelor

Don't worry, though: Kufrin will be OK. In fact, she will be the next Bachelorette, host Chris Harrison announced.

Everyone is excited!


See you next season, Bachelor Nation!

With that said. Can’t wait to watch Becca as the bachelorette 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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