This Couple Trolled Their Loved Ones By Taking Some Seriously Epic ’80s-Inspired Engagement Photos

“We take each other very seriously, but we don’t take anything else very seriously."

Rose Collins and her fiancé, John Martin, are a couple from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who love to have a good time.

Collins told BuzzFeed News that in all things in life, "given the option we usually do something silly."

“We take each other very seriously, but we don’t take anything else very seriously,” she said.

After three and a half years of dating, Collins proposed to Martin, and he very excitedly accepted.

“He squealed, 'Oh my god, yes,'" Collins said.

Recently, Collins was browsing Reddit when she saw a post from a user who had shared their parents' engagement photos. They were ridiculously ’80s, and all of a sudden, she had a great idea.

Collins asked her fiancé if he wanted to send fantastic, awkward ’80s engagement announcements.

"His response was 'fuck yes, we are doing that,'" she said.

Luckily, the couple was planning to travel soon to Florida to visit a friend of theirs, who is a photographer. Collins said he got their ~vision~ immediately, and created art that is truly beautiful.

Just take a look.

So sensual. So beautiful.

Oh my.

If you're wondering where the couple got their amazing outfits, it was the reliable combo of Goodwill and Amazon.

The couple then created beautiful cards announcing their engagement, and mailed them to friends and family.

Collins said so far, everyone has loved them. As for the wedding, the couple plans to marry in July 2021. Collins said she is sure they will have more tricks up their sleeve for the big day.

“I'm really glad I found someone who is as ridiculous as I am," she said.

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