Donald Trump Had A Great Time At His Inaugural Concert And We Have The Gifs To Prove It

Don't get too hype.

1. When he got off the plane and grasped Melania's hand for approximately one second.

a very short story about two people holding hands

2. When he gave a salute to America.

Pres.-elect Donald Trump salutes the Lincoln Memorial before delivering remarks the day before Inauguration Day.

3. When he fist-pumped on the way to his seat.

Trump arrives at #Inauguration concert and I think attempts a fist pump?

4. When he really got into "God Bless the U.S.A."

Donald Trump sings along to Lee Greenwood at inaugural concert: "God Bless the USA"

5. He even sang along.

President-elect Donald Trump sings along during Lee Greenwood's performance of "God Bless the U.S.A":…

6. And swayed.

President-elect Trump appears to be enjoying the concert, singing along and swaying

7. And head-bobbed!

8. When he really got into the most exciting act of the night, 3 Doors Down.

nm just some gentle swaying to three doors down

9. And swayed his head to and fro.

10. When he chatted to Ivanka when the first bars of "Kryptonite" started.

When you hear those first few notes and you know IT’S TIME

11. And bopped his head.

12. Though not the whole time...

The Trump family enjoying a stunning performance from 3 Doors Down #Inauguration2017

13. When he smiled at the strange-but-fun robot people.

Things have taken a weird turn #Inauguration2017

14. Although Melania didn't seem to like them too much.

15. When he got his whole body into it during the performance by the Piano Guys...and even sang along!

Trump grooving along to the Piano Guys #inauguration2017

16. When he sat pensively listening to Toby Keith.

.@TobyKeithMusic performs at "Make America Great Again" Welcome Celebration.

17. And finally, the audience's reaction to it all.

#Inauguration2017 is 🔥LIT🔥

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