This Influencer’s 10-Pump Foundation Hack Went Viral On TikTok So It Is As Messy To Try As You Might Suspect

This week, social media made me do this.

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There are always a number of mildly controversial makeup trends that go viral online, whether that be the TikTok trend of putting on eyeliner and then washing it off to create a smudged look, or more out-there looks like doing M&M eyeshadow, as shared by formerly incarcerated women. 

One of the most recent recognizable makeup hacks is influencer Meredith Duxbury’s foundation trick, which involves smearing 10 pumps — yes, double-digits pumps’ worth — of foundation on your face.

With 17.8 million followers, Duxbury has made a name for herself on TikTok with this technique, which she told Allure that she created in college. The idea around this makeup trend is that you smear a lot of foundation on your face and rub it in like moisturizer with your hands. So I gave it my best shot.

The amount of foundation on my hand vs. on my skin.

Looking at the sheer amount of foundation on my hand, I could not remember a time when I used this much makeup. Not when I was doing theater in school, not for a night out, ever. I’m no makeup expert, but I followed Duxbury’s tutorial, applying it with the back of a makeup brush and using my fingers to blend it. Maybe it was this particular foundation, but the rubbing motion was not doing it and kept making everything look patchy, so I had to break out a face brush in order to get the product to settle properly.

It felt like my pores were screaming. I haven’t had this much makeup on in a long time, and I was stumbling around like the sensation of weight on my face was blinding me. This much foundation basically means you have to break out a full glam to balance it out, so I found the most dramatic products I own (the biggest lashes, the darkest lipstick, the most obvious contour) and just started slapping them on.

Before makeup vs. after makeup.

The amount just feels unnecessary — and makes no economic sense. The benefit of using a ton of base makeup is that you essentially erase your face and can recarve out your features, but for a night out, it’s simply not worth it. Maybe if you’re an Olympic figure skater, or making your drag debut. But I felt uncomfortable and missed my face. I used seven rounds of micellar water to get all the makeup off and then deep cleaned my apartment. But the photograph looked pretty good.

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