We All Wish We Were Keke Palmer Voicing Fights Between Her Sims

“This is the storyline,” Palmer told her viewers on Tuesday. “Me and my homegirl, she was messing with her, and she gave her STDs. That’s why she’s glowing like that."

Fans have been reacting to Keke Palmer’s Instagram livestream last night, as she played Sims 4 from her laptop.

I’m on a Mac and I have a bad cc in my game that keeps making my Sim look crazy after she showers. I’m thinking it’s a cc and not a mod but I guess I gotta go through in find it? I’m so irritated.

Twitter: @KekePalmer

“This is the storyline,” Palmer told her viewers on Tuesday. “Me and my homegirl, she was messing with her, and she gave her STDs. That’s why she’s glowing like that. So I’m going to fight Tina on behalf of my girl.”

@KekePalmer playing the sims the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

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Sims 4 is a social simulation game, in which players can develop their own worlds and create conversations and storylines between characters. The game has become a meme as people have created elaborate and wild stories around their Sims universes.

not now baby mommy is celebrating yet another timothée birthday on twitter dot com

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Palmer has also become the main character of the internet for her hilarious storytelling, whether it be her guest appearance on Chicken Shop Date, her Vanity Fair lie detector test (“I don’t know who this man is”), or this viral moment with Daniel Kaluuya.

Keke Palmer is the most entertaining storyteller of our generation

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So of course many tuned into her livestream to hear the storyline in Palmer’s Sims universe, in which she narrated a tale of two cheating lovers who broke up over flailing emotions, and a group of friends who banded together to fight the other woman in the park.

I just casually click on @KekePalmer live and the sims is something else 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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“I like how everything is going with us,” Palmer narrated as the protagonist’s lover, Hakeem, using a lower voice to distinguish the characters. “That’s the problem,” Palmer responded as the protagonist. “I don’t want to be in a polyamorous relationship.”

keke palmer narrating her sims on instagram live…. she just GETS me

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Fans responded excitedly to the livestream. “i get keke bc the best way to play sims is to create messy stories in your head and let your sims play it out,” one wrote on Twitter.

not keke palmer on instagram live playing sims shes just like me!

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Others also pointed out Palmer’s proficiency in the game, identifying several modification packs (mods) that she had used to expand her abilities in the universe.

Several fans also helped Palmer update her mods on Twitter. “It’s just when she gets out the shower she randomly has an extra outfit that I never chose and she’s bald,” Palmer told one follower on Tuesday. “Sounds like a broken mod now you just gotta figure out which one it is,” they responded.

@issimplyamazing Girl I’m so sad hahaha. I think it might be the homebody mod tho. I have basemental, wicked whims, dynamic teen and homebody. Not a lot of mods mostly just cc.

Twitter: @KekePalmer

“keke palmer having wicked whims on her sims game ….she really is one of us,” one viewer said. “I’m crying lmfaooo keke palmer is a sims 4 VETERAN,” another said. “just found out that @KekePalmer plays Sims 4 and uses mods and cc [customer content], what a beautiful day,” another wrote.

keke palmer playing sims on live is something i never knew i needed🤣🤣🤣

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Palmer has been very open about her life, publicly posting about her struggles with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, and its side effect of cystic acne, and responding to negative comments about her looks. She is currently pregnant with her first child, which she revealed when hosting Saturday Night Live in December. And fans are now ecstatic to watch this low-key comedy routine on a livestream by the actor.

Many left comments asking for Palmer to start a Twitch channel, hoping for more installments of the wild love triangle that Palmer created in her Sims universe.

keke palmer having a sims fight is the funniest thing ever I love it 💀

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“Watching short snippets of Keke Palmer playing The Sims is not enough. I need HBO Max to present it as a limited series,” one tweeted.

I am BEGGING @KekePalmer to make a twitch. Like…. I need more of Keke playing The Sims. #TheSims #TheSims4

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