People Are Making Glorious, Glorious Memes Of Gwyneth Paltrow Whispering “I Wish You Well” At The End Of Her Trial

“The darkest curse ever coming from her brand of White Woman, like I got chills,” writer Bolu Babalola tweeted.

Actor Gwyneth Paltrow looks at her attorney and smiles in a courtroom

The Gwyneth Paltrow trial has come to an end after a week full of court moments that immediately turned into Content with a capital C.

not knowing why gwenyth paltrow is on trial but being fascinated by every random clip on my tl

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need a bar that plays the gwenyth paltrow trial like a football game

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Paltrow has been the source of viral social media moments all week after she took to the witness stand last Friday in a trial over a 2016 “hit and run” ski collision. Paltrow was being sued for allegedly colliding into a retired optometrist in Utah and skiing away. She countersued, claiming she was the one skied into. On Thursday, Paltrow won her case and was awarded the $1 and legal fees she requested.

historic front page of the new york times:

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needed her as a lawyer in the gwyneth paltrow trial

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But on the last day of the hearing, many began reposting one moment in particular: As Paltrow, clad in a navy pantsuit, exited the courtroom, she leaned over plaintiff Terry Sanderson, touched his shoulder, and apparently whispered, “I wish you well.” 

“Thank you, dear,” Sanderson appeared to respond.

“You preach theatre etiquette to my kids, put your phone away”

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It was the end of a wild ride for a very civil lawsuit, and many immediately flocked to social media to share their reactions to their last parting exchange. “The darkest curse ever coming from her brand of White Woman, like I got chills,” writer Bolu Babalola tweeted.

“I wish you well”

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I come from a long line of deeply petty women and I have to bow to this, an unsurpassed display of our tradition

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fyi if a white woman in a Talbots blazer says this to you, you likely have only hours to live

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Many leaned into Paltrow’s online reputation as an offbeat, nepo baby white woman. “that’s brentwood for ‘bless your heart,’” writer Alison Herman said.

text: “i wish you well” subtext: “if you ever fuck with me or my kids again i’ll make broth with your bones and drink it for lunch”

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me leaving the room after only making $1 in tips: i wish you well

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Others also parodied what else she might've said instead. “You’ve just been Gooped,” one said in a mock voiceover.

“Use code GOOP for 15 percent off”

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At any rate, fans wished both Paltrow and Sanderson well for all the content they’ve provided this week.

@PopBase I wish them both well. Thank you for a highly entertaining week.

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