Welcome To The First Day Of Fall. The Sweater Weather Memes Are Awaiting You.

Christian Girl Autumn

Although Starbucks has had Pumpkin Spice Lattes on the menu for 22 days already, Friday marked the official first day of autumn — and with it, an influx of seasonal memes.

Twitter: @sbstryker

happy fall it's the season for buying the flowers yourself

Twitter: @me_says

The concept of fall has a long history of being memed on social media. Consider “Christian Girl Autumn,” the term popularized by a viral tweet poking fun at the social media fanfare.

And whether it’s the 2014 basic aesthetic of Starbucks drinks and bouncy curls, the Onion’s eternal Mr. Autumn Man in his “sweater weather” uniform, or the many films, TV shows, and celebrity photo shoots that take place in fall, it’s become a highly anticipated time on everyone to share their favorite pop culture references.

it’s almost that time… i can feel her powers getting stronger…

Twitter: @mattxiv

the beatles are already ready for christian girl autumn

Twitter: @mlledechelle

People on Twitter have long been fans of a timely calendar post, whether it’s a reference to a TV show, a meme, a song, a movie, or a combination of a few of them. More viral social media moments have also become a part of the cultural calendar.

first day of autumn, it’s her day

Twitter: @bklynb4by

Nicole leaning into Christian girl autumn

Twitter: @ecareyo

But on the first day of fall, when there is both a calendar post and a deeply memeable season on hand, the opportunities for references are endless. And people delivered.

Twitter: @pandparchive

On this, the first day of fall, may you all be blessed by Autumn Prince

Twitter: @Pale_0ntologist

happy first day of fall we are officially entering damn jackie weather

Twitter: @oocsitcoms

There were so many screenshots.

Twitter: @netflix
Twitter: @lorelaigilmqre
Twitter: @arigcevans

As Hot Girl Summer comes to a close, we have paid homage online to the seasonal predecessor and all she gave us, while ushering in our new era with joy. Welcome to Christian Girl Autumn. I’ll see you at the cider mill.

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