People Are Sharing Stories About Coolio After His Death At 59

From his thoughts on Australian urban planning projects to writing the Kenan & Kel theme song, many are looking back on Coolio’s interesting life.

People are sharing tributes and memories of rapper Coolio on social media following news of his death on Wednesday.

The Grammy-winning artist was an undeniable force in 1990s hip-hop. Coolio not only recorded some of the most successful projects of that decade but also branched out into many other endeavors. He created the theme song for hit Nickelodeon show Kenan & Kel, ran for president with adult film star Cherie DeVille in 2020, and starred in a cooking web series, Cookin’ With Coolio.

RIP Coolio, the first known musician to have visited a post-war #Kosovo for a concert. There was no running water or electricity all the time, refugees were still returning but #Coolio showed up. A nice photo (by Koha) of then Mayor Ismet Beqiri & the deceased artist. #CoolioRIP

Twitter: @petrit

His celebrity was marked by iconic hair and a wealth of interesting stories. Fans have been sharing their favorite moments and memories from the long and unforgettable journey of Coolio’s life.

There was the video in which he led an acoustic rendition of “Gangsta’s Paradise” with a group of university students in 2013.

Imagine you are a college student, you have an 8:15 am class the next morning. But…Coolio shows up. And you and your friends start harmonizing “Gangsta’s Paradise” with Coolio’s genuine encouragement. Wild! Rest in Power Coolio or better yet Rest in Paradise

Twitter: @brockbooneLAW

9 years ago this man walked into our uni house and cooked us a well needed meal which then became an internet sensation. Rest in peace @Coolio thank you for the memories ❤️

Twitter: @claudiadoherty

“After making a guest appearance at a local club in Preston UCLAN, we got him back the next day to cook us a 3 course meal and share stories of his life and have a laugh!” Kelly Maguire, who uploaded the original video, said in the comments.

Another person shared the time Coolio reviewed the urban planning projects in Canberra, Australia. “I think a light rail system is dope,” he told the Canberra Times.

RIP Coolio. Thank you for being responsible for maybe the funniest sentence ever written in Canberra Times

Twitter: @Mesut_Ausil

Others noted his beef with parody artist Weird Al Yankovic, who turned “Gangsta’s Paradise” into “Amish Paradise.” Yankovic posted a tribute to Coolio on Wednesday.

i got to interview coolio one time and you bet i asked him if he was over his beef with weird al.

Twitter: @danozzi

Glad they eventually mended things. I remember Coolio being super offended by Amish Paradise back in the day.

Twitter: @JustinWhang

And his many television appearances.

RIP Coolio, who gave us Gangsta’s Paradise. But more importantly, who gave us this

Twitter: @harrisonjbrock

RIP Coolio. Never forget his appearance on Irish daytime chatshow Open House, who, legend has it, booked him by mistake. They hadn't arranged backing dancers, so he made the middle-age production crew dress up and do it instead. Best TV ever.

Twitter: @sirjamesofcots

Coolio was an awesome dude, both in his legendary rap career, and in the world of animation.

Twitter: @RiseFallNickBck

One of my favorite things that Coolio did was guest-starring on The Nanny alongside Sammy (Ray Charles) as his grandson Irwin, who happened to be a *gift* wrapper 😂!

Twitter: @IWriteAllDay_

“Coolio was a friend and one of the warmest, funniest people I’ve ever met,” actor Lou Diamond Phillips said on Thursday. “We spent an amazing time together making Red Water in Capetown and we loved going head to head in the kitchen. He was one of a kind. Epic,Legendary and I’ll miss him.”

Sorry to hear of the passing of Rapper Coolio. I recall that time he showed up at Celtic Park. Just 59 when he left us...

Twitter: @tirnaog_09

Coolio’s cause of death is not yet known, though his manager Jarez Posey told NBC News that he believed the rapper had a heart attack. He was 59.

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