Photos From Cities Across California Show The Damage And Debris From The Ongoing Storms

Two storm-related fatalities have been reported since Wednesday, including a 19-year-old woman and a toddler.

Pounding rain and wind have continued to wreak havoc across Northern California, as the area continues to be inundated by a round of atmospheric rivers, as well as a a rapidly rotating storm system known as a bomb cyclone. Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on Wednesday and mobilized the California National Guard to support disaster response. Evacuation orders have been issued, the BBC reported on Friday. Two fatalities have been reported since Wednesday, including a 19-year-old woman whose car skidded off a flooding road and a toddler who died after a redwood tree fell on top of him.

The National Weather Service tweeted that more storms are expected to power through the area, lasting until Tuesday, and possibly with even more force. Here are some of the pictures that capture the damage so far:

Capitola, California

Fallen tables and chairs outside a restaurant.
Colorful houses surrounded by debris.
In the distance, a broken bridge, with more damage from the storm surrounding it.
A woman stands outside low bungalows, holding a guitar, a sweatshirt, and a frame.

San Francisco, California

Staff members in high visibility wear haul branches onto a truck.
A toppled gas station.

Pacifica, California

Three people pushing metal in the water.

San Jose, California

A woman looks around her tent.
A topshot of a car driving through deep muddy water.

The storm also impacted large swaths of other parts of the state, even with southern areas like Los Angeles seeing severe weather and rainfall. Mayor Karen Bass posted photos on Twitter of crews who were tending to vital or damaged areas of the city.

Los Angeles, California

A man running from a large wave crash by the sea.
Cars on the highway with billboard reading "Severe weather avoid travel until Thur night."

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