I Can’t Believe This Candle Is Made Of Butter

The recession has us out here making candles we can eat.

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Candles made of butter are going viral on TikTok.

Put it on a charcuterie board! Melt them down to the bone and sop up the liquid with a baguette! This fun way of presenting butter has garnered thousands of views on the app, spanning variations from garlic to salted.

This stunt was one I knew we had to try. Essentially, you make a butter candle by putting room temperature or melted butter into a mold (like a cup), sticking a wick inside and putting it in the fridge, ideally overnight. Then you take it out, cut the wick, and voila. Butter candle.


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Seems simple enough, but you have to plan ahead to order wicks from a craft store — they are not sold in many stores. I couldn’t figure out the hole in the cup, either, so I just propped up the wick between our model candle and a pen, hoping it would stay upright. I didn’t get the chance to store it overnight.

This was a crucial mistake. Taking it out of the mold (read: cup) was disgusting. It seemed solid upon first glance, but once I started removing the cup, butter oozed everywhere and leaked onto the plate. Not only was it unappetizing to look at, the consistency had become weird, kind of chunky.

Our butter candle attempt.

I can’t even eat dairy, so I invited friends to try it out. Some said it was giving recession-core, as we stood around a candle and wiped it with bread. I attempted to level up the vibes by bringing peach preserves into the mix, but the showiness of the butter candle outshone the preserves.

Alexa Lee, our newsletter strategist, said the texture was unusual, almost like whipped butter. But as much as no one particularly enjoyed eating the candle, it still kept us talking for hours. While it might not be the star snack, it’s definitely a fun activity to try. Do the butter candle! Just be prepared for subpar butter!

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