MSCHF’s Big Red Boots Are Inescapable On Your Feeds

The viral shoes were created by art collective MSCHF, which also launched the counterfeit Nike “Satan Shoe” with Lil Nas X in 2021.

Social media has been inundated with images of one latest viral fashion item — a pair of gigantic red rubber boots.

They’ve been impossible to escape. Influencers styled them at New York Fashion Week. WWE fighter Seth Rollins stomped his opponent’s face while wearing them. And they’ve been ripe with never-ending memes opportunities.

A guest is seen wearing a black and green jacket, white top, red beret, and the big red boots outside the Collina Strada show during New York Fashion Week on Feb. 10, 2023

Yall gotta get the gloves to match the big red boots too lol

Twitter: @J_Nova_Kane

Art collective MSCHF (pronounced “mischief”) created the comically large red boot based on the cartoon character Astro Boy.

The brand has been known to pull off similar stunts, like creating a counterfeit Nike “Satan Shoe” with Lil Nas X and tearing apart luxury Hermès Birkin bags to create sandals it called “Birkinstocks.” The big red boots are its latest attempt at a viral footwear moment.

Styling the MSCHF big red boots like he was born to wear them

Twitter: @notdanhastings

The big red boots officially drop on Feb. 16, exclusively on the MSCHF website. Despite the $350 price tag, the item has already become the main character of our feeds. #Bigredboots has 25.8 million views on TikTok as of Wednesday. “i had a nightmare that i was being chased by them big red boots,” one person tweeted.

“are you wearing the-“ “The Big Red Astro Boy Boots? Yes I am”

Twitter: @CAdreamboy

All the viral content with the boots seems to have been produced by influencers with gifted shoes or loans, an increasingly common tactic for brands to create hype around their products. Our friends at Complex received a loan to try them on, and the testers told us that they were heavy but more comfortable than expected.

can y’all please with them big red goofy boots 😭

Twitter: @clitereIIa

Removal of the shoe has also been notoriously difficult due to its rubber composition. People have shared videos of trying to remove the boots, which have gone as viral as the memes about the boots themselves.

Twitter: @Kevchesterr

So the general user experience of the shoe already seems to be quite difficult, no matter how comfortable they are. Add that to the obvious waste and hype around the boot, and it seems that the one thing this shoe is actually good for is memes.

“Imagine getting jumped and somebody shows up with the big red boots,” one user tweeted. “Ik those boots gotta marinate feet like crazyyy,” another commented.

Twitter: @bigmikstake

I thought somebody had deflated them boots.

Twitter: @primediscussion

Still, people are anticipating the day these boots become available to the public, to see if there is a chance to participate in all the fun. Would we recommend spending $350 for a pair of shoes that no one will be talking about in six months? Probably not. But if you can get a loan, or time-share a pair, we are excited to see the content you make with it.

i want those big red fucking boots. and i want them now.

Twitter: @Anania00

i wanna chew on those big red boots that everyone is talking about

Twitter: @FilledwithUrine

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