Bad Bunny Made History At Coachella And People Are Getting Emotional On Twitter

In a two-hour set, the reggaeton superstar brought out guests like Post Malone and Jhay Cortez, jumped on a jet ski, and opened up about being Coachella’s first Latino headliner.

Bad Bunny at Coachella.

Reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny took to the Coachella mainstage on Friday, becoming the first Latino solo artist headliner in the festival’s history — and people on Twitter are feeling emotional about his performance.

The two-hour set was filled with extraterrestrial holograms, an onstage jet ski, and guest stars from Post Malone to Jhay Cortez. Many also pointed out the stage graphics, which included tweets from fans. And even more flocked to Twitter to share their excitement.


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post malone at bad bunny’s set:

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“It still makes me emotional Bad Bunny really put Latinos on his back last night,” one wrote.

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This is the first time that Coachella has been completely headlined by people of color, and many expressed their excitement on social media to see Bad Bunny on the mainstage. He had previously performed at the festival, though not as a headliner, in 2019. “love how benito is not holding back on the history and representation of the latino culture !!” a Twitter user wrote. "benito making history bringing this to the coachella main stage i love him," another said.

Reggaeton, an electronic music genre that was popularized in Puerto Rico, has become a formidable influence on US music, and heavyweights like Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber have set their sights on collaborations with reggaeton stars. Opening his set, Bad Bunny paid tribute to some of the genre's roots, taking the audience through a brief musical history lesson and naming important artists like Celia Cruz and Willie Colón.

"The music that made us will never end," the narrator of the video said, as salsa dancers opened the show.

me when benito started educating the whites about how far our culture and music has come 🥲

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i hope this is the crowd for benito rn

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The theme continued throughout the show. Speaking primarily in Spanish (after asking the audience their preferred language and receiving a loud cheer for Spanish), the artist also didn’t shy away from the topic of representation.

“Here, history has been made thousands of times,” Bad Bunny, born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, told the audience on Friday, according to Billboard. “My head is spinning. It’s incredible to see the list of all the other artists that have performed on this stage. So many of them, but no one like me.”

Me in my room rn watching Benito #BadChella

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benito asking whether to talk in Spanish or English

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In recent years, Bad Bunny has kept sweeping awards and topping charts, and has been the most-streamed artist on Spotify in the world every year since 2020. “Latinos have been killing it for some time now,” he said on Friday.

bad bunny at coachella: continue?? me on my sofa yelling yes:

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