Adult Performer Amouranth Is Seeking “Legal And Emotional Counsel” After Sharing That Her Husband Controlled Her Money And Threatened To Kill Her Dogs

In a new video, Amouranth says the police visited her house after her livestream on Sunday where she outlined her husband’s abuse.

Streamer and adult performer Kaitlyn Siragusa, known online as Amouranth, has returned to Twitch after a viral video where she said that her husband was financially and emotionally abusing her.

Amouranth in her now-deleted stream.

Until her Sunday video, she’d never revealed that she was married. Sitting in a bedroom, Siragusa shows texts of her husband Nick Lee calling her names like “dumb fuck.” She livestreams a phone conversation between them in which he shouts expletives at her and tells her to “leave the house.”

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“You just told me you were going to kill [my] dogs if I didn’t do a 24-hour stream,” she says to her husband on the phone. “Nope, didn’t say that,” he is heard responding as she begins to cry. “Now you’re just being a fucking liar.”

Amouranth has revealed that she has a husband, along with revealing his abuse He has threatened to kill her dogs, take all their money, and forced her to stream. (1/4)

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She said that her husband threatened to leave with most of her earnings, throw her belongings off the balcony, and put thousands of dollars of her money into crypto and expiring stock options. Siragusa also said he had full access and control of her bank accounts.

Texts between Amouranth and her husband, Nick Lee, show him calling her a "dumb fuck" and saying "fuck you" to her

The allegations came as a shock to many fans. Siragusa is an influential content creator, with over 5.9 million followers on Twitch.

Im scared & disturbed by whats happening to Amouranth. It seemed like she was winning at life & in total control. But she was, the whole time, living under tremendous abuse. Makes me wonder how many others are living outwardly normal lives but suffering so badly at home 💔

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Among her gaming, cosplay, and conversational videos, her NSFW content has been a major source of the Amouranth brand and income, bringing in over $1.5 million per month on OnlyFans earlier this year, according to screenshots she posted on Twitter.

it's not about the money. It's about sending a message

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Siragusa said that she’d wanted to announce her marriage before but was forced to continue saying she was single as her husband felt “it would ruin the business model.” “The therapist even told him it's a form of psychological abuse and I'm basically living in a fancy prison," she said. “You want me to tell them I’m single? It’s about to be true.”

Amouranth cries while holding a phone on a livestream screengrab

The announcement also sparked intense social media discourse as some creators tried to discredit Siragusa. Controversial Twitch commentator Keemstar claimed she was scamming men online by saying she was single and others have made jokes about asking for money back. But many Twitch streamers, like LilyPichu and 39daph, have criticized the backlash. “seeing the shit she's going through with her husband is disgusting,” LilyPichu tweeted. “no one deserves that.”

genuinely terrified for amouranth and hope she is ok. she has always been very sweet and its heartbreaking to know the shitstorm behind the scenes. im even more disgusted at the ppl dismissing the abusive relationship cus of her OF.

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‘But why don’t women who are victims of abuse come forward’ Men: #amouranthhusband #amouranth

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On Tuesday morning, Siragusa returned to Twitch for the first time since Sunday to share that she had access to her accounts and finances again. “He’s getting help,” Siragusa said, referring to her husband. “And I’m seeking legal and emotional counsel.”

Amouranth in her stream on Tuesday morning.

Siragusa said a member of her staff had since used her situation “for personal gain and clout,” encouraging people to show up at her home. Local law enforcement confirmed to BuzzFeed News that a police visit was dispatched to her home on Monday but did not immediately respond to the reason as to why.

someone called cops, be back later

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“That’s partly why I haven’t been on,” she said. “Just dealing with everything, including random visitors and cop calls.” For now, Siragusa said the situation with her relationship is “calm” and she’s happy to be “free.”

She said she’s looking forward to sleeping eight hours a night instead of three to five, watching TV, seeing the horses she owns for the first time, and saying yes to events like trips with friends. She noted that her “dating life is going to be a mess now.”

“It’s been rough,” she said, noting that she hopes her honesty helps others in abusive relationships. “But the alternative — keeping it hidden — was messy too.”

“I can’t believe people gave a shit,” she said. “For most of the years online it felt like everyone was against me for the type of content that I didn't even want to stream.”

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Correction: Kaitlyn Siragusa's last name was misspelled in an earlier version of this post.

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