The Washington Capitals Have Been Partying Nonstop Since Winning The Stanley Cup And We're Totally Here For It

It was the hockey team's first championship ever.

ICYMI, the Washington Capitals won the franchise's first Stanley Cup on Thursday, giving the nation's capital its first sports championship since 2004.

The victory was a long time coming for the ice hockey team, which, in its more than 40-year history, has made the most playoff appearances of any professional sports team before its first title, according to the Washington Post.

Fans were overjoyed.

And the players have been partying nonstop since beating the Golden Knights in Las Vegas Thursday night.

Alex Ovechkin, the team's captain and longest-tenured player, has been carrying the cup everywhere they go.

Look at the reaction when Ovi brings the Cup downstairs at Don Tito. This is incredible. (Via @KuwaitKlick)

He can't seem to put it down.

I don’t think Ovi has put the cup down once 😂

But things got really crazy on Saturday when the Capitals went to the Washington Nationals game to continue celebrating their championship. Here's Ovechkin, who threw out the first pitch of the game, raising the cup mid-inning.

On this edition of “where’s Ovi” .. 😂

When asked by a reporter how it felt to be in front of so many fans, the players just started singing "We Are the Champions."

This is the best interview of 2018. @masnKolko asks Ovi what it's like to be in front of this many D.C. sports fans after winning the Stanley Cup. He and his teammates start singing "We Are The Champions."

And proceeded to drink a lot of alcohol at the game.

Ovi and Backstrom moving to the music #ALLCAPS

And Ovechkin did a keg stand out of the Stanley Cup.


They drank so much they ended up going for a swim in a public fountain.

And it appears they kept drinking — and singing — for most of the night.

The summer of Ovechkin is gonna be the wildest we have seen. He is gonna be drunk all summer long RT @dcsportsbog: Ovi and friends now leading everyone inside Cafe Milano through an insane rendition of “We are the champions” (via @ChrisBurger21)

It was quite the party.

This was an absolutely insane day and I love this team so much #ALLCaps

Congrats, Caps!


The last sports championship in Washington, DC, occurred in 2004. An earlier version of this post misstated the year it happened.

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