The White House Says It Took Trump's Medical Records From His Doctor. The Doctor Called It A "Raid."

Dr. Harold Bornstein described the incident in an interview with NBC News.

Shortly after President Donald Trump took office last year, the White House took medical records from his New York doctor — in what the physician described as an unannounced "raid."

Dr. Harold Bornstein told NBC News he felt "raped, frightened, and sad" when three men, including former White House aide Keith Schiller and a lawyer at the Trump Organization, showed up at his New York City office on Feb. 3, 2017, to collect the president's medical records.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday confirmed that officials "took possession" of Trump's medical records, but said it was "not her understanding" that it was a raid.

"It would be standard procedure for a newly elected president's medical records to be in possession by the White House medical unit," Sanders told reporters.

CNN also later reported, according to anonymous sources, that the doctor has misconstrued the situation and that it wasn't a raid.

Bornstein said he was not provided with a form authorizing the release of the records, which, if true, could be a violation of patient privacy laws.

Bornstein also told NBC that the men asked him to take a photo of him and Trump off of his wall.

A New York police spokesperson told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday that the department had no complaint on file in relation to the incident.

Bornstein did not return BuzzFeed News' requests for an interview. He later told a CBS News reporter, "Sweetheart, this is Watergate, goodbye!"

He also told a CNN reporter that he was "robbed" of the medical records.

Trump’s former doctor, Harold Bornstein, tells me he was “robbed” of Trump’s medical files. “They barged through the backdoor, they terrified the secretary, they pushed aside the patient that was in there.”

The visit came two days after Bornstein told the New York Times that Trump took medication to promote hair growth. Bornstein also told the Times that he prescribed Trump drugs for rosacea and cholesterol.

After the article ran, Trump cut ties with Bornstein, NBC reported.

The story also quoted Bornstein recalling that he had told Trump's secretary, "You know, I should be the White House physician."

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