A Police Car Flung A Person Onto The Street During A Trump Protest In California

One video showed a second demonstrator falling onto his back as the car sped off.

A law enforcement vehicle sped forward after a demonstrator climbed onto the hood, knocking them to the pavement during a protest against President Donald Trump when he visited California on Monday.

Video taken by the local NBC station outside Sacramento McClellan Airport, where Trump met with state and federal officials for a wildfire briefing, showed protesters carrying signs demanding action on climate change, lashing out against the president, and gathering around a California Highway Patrol vehicle. A person wearing a red hat and a mask around their chin climbs onto the hood of the patrol car before the vehicle drives forward, flinging them off the car and to the ground.

Our camera was rolling when anti- Trump protestors surrounded a CHP patrol car. One person climbed on the hood and the officer drove forward. Two people were injured...one was taken to hospital. The crowd had gathered to protest the President as he visited Sacramento

A video from a different angle showed a second demonstrator falling onto his back as the car sped off.

Protests against President Donald Trump just took a turn. Bystander video shows a protester climb on top of a CHP car. The officer keeps driving— knocking the protester onto the street. The protester is waiting on medical aid @FOX40

Another video showed one person being wheeled into a Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District ambulance on a stretcher as the crowd cheered and applauded. Metro Fire Captain Adam Huckaby told BuzzFeed News they transported a person in their 20s to a hospital for minor injuries.

A spokesperson for the agency did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request.

In another video documenting the protest, a Volvo was captured swerving into a group of protesters in the street, nearly striking multiple people.

Trump supporters swerving into protesters. Full video on Instagram taken by @sacsocialjusticevents #Sacramento

A spokesperson for CHP also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump's brief visit to the Golden State brought out crowds of supporters and protesters as thousands of firefighters continued to battle wildfires across the state in what has been its worst fire season on record.

During a roundtable briefing with California and federal emergency management officials, Trump listened to state leaders talk about the need to work with the federal government on forest management and climate change, which has lengthened the state's fire season and fueled larger fires. Trump, who has maintained his climate change denial throughout his presidency, brushed off the appeals to take science into account, saying, "I don't think science knows."

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