Blac Chyna Played Off An Incident That Made The Kardashians Worry About Her And Rob, Saying She Was Just Joking Around

"I'm being funny like, 'If he ever leaves me, I’ll get him,'" Chyna said during her trial against the Kardashians.

LOS ANGELES — Blac Chyna testified on Wednesday that she was just playing around when she put a cellphone charging cord around her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian's neck and held a gun next to him the last night the former couple lived together.

The December 2016 incident is a key moment in the demise of Chyna and Rob's E! reality show, Rob & Chyna, and the model's civil suit against the Kardashians, blaming them for the cancelation of the series. For the famous family, who believe that Chyna attacked Rob that night and the following morning, the incident caused a lot of worry and concern about the couple, the Kardashians' attorney Michael Rhodes said Tuesday during his opening statements.

But Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, told jurors during questioning from her attorney Lynne Ciani that while she was upset about Rob accusing her of cheating on him and angry that he took her phone, she didn't mean to — and did not — cause him any harm.

"Jokingly, I grabbed the phone [cord] and put it around his neck," Chyna testified. "Not to strangle him."

At the time, Rob was playing video games and she wanted "to get his attention." Sometime later, Rob was in a bedroom FaceTiming with friends when Chyna said she came into the room and picked up an unloaded gun from the nightstand and raised it in the air by Rob.

"I'm being funny like, 'If he ever leaves me, I’ll get him,'" Chyna said, adding that, again, she was "just joking."

She added that she would never shoot Rob, or anyone for that matter, and that he didn't say anything about her holding the gun or indicate to her that he was fearful.

Chyna sued the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan in October 2017, accusing them of defaming her and wrongfully interfering with the filming of a second season of Rob & Chyna. In her case, which now only involves Rob, Kris, Kim, Khloé, and Kylie, Chyna says she believed the show was going to be picked up for a second season despite the couple splitting up, but that it was canceled due to pressure from the Kardashians. She is seeking millions in damages, saying she lost out on income as a result of the family's actions.

Chyna is also pursuing claims of assault, battery, illegal distribution of private materials, and harassment against Rob specifically, but a different jury will hear those allegations at a separate trial.

During cross-examination on Wednesday, Rhodes, the Kardashians' attorney, pressed Chyna on the details of that incident, which he previously told jurors made his clients "very upset" and concerned.

He asked her repeatedly if she had been drinking that night, to which she said no, but later admitted that she couldn't be, as Rhodes put it, "100% sure" that she didn't "have a drop of alcohol."

He asked her if she put her finger on the trigger of the gun, but she said no.

"I grabbed it being funny," Chyna testified. "It was a joke."

"To you," Rhodes said.

"To him, too," Chyna responded.

She testified that she did not point the gun at Rob. Instead, she said she held it up, pointing it at the ceiling.

"You're saying to the jury that you had a gun in your hand but that was a joke," Rhodes asked. He posed a similar question about the phone cord, which she acknowledged was touching the skin on his neck while she held it from behind him.

Rhodes then asked about the damage Chyna admitted to causing during her direct examination. She testified that she smashed a gingerbread house that had been gifted to her by Kris, a large TV, and part of a door at Kylie's house, where the two were living at the time.

Rhodes asked if she hit the TV with a metal rod, but Chyna said she did not remember what she used to strike it, saying she "was so furious" over Rob accusing her of cheating, taking her phone, and locking himself in a closet.

"I think I just hit it one time," Chyna said.

"Was that a joke?" Rhodes asked.

"No," she responded.

"So that was serious," Rhodes said.

"Yes," Chyna said.

While Rob was still inside the closet, Chyna testified that Kris's boyfriend Corey Gamble arrived at the house. Before Rob took her phone, Chyna said she called Kris for help, as she had done previously when she had arguments with Rob.

Chyna testified that Gamble went to the closet where Rob had locked himself inside and then directed him to get his things and leave the house. As Rob was leaving, Chyna followed and pleaded that he give her back her phone, she testified.

Rhodes asked Chyna whether Gamble had to "physically separate" the two as Rob tried to leave. After Chyna dismissed the idea that they needed to "physically" be kept apart, Rhodes confronted her with a February 2020 deposition of hers where she said, according to the attorney, that "obviously he had to take us apart."

Still, Chyna said she did not have any "physical contact" with Rob.

"I'm still asking him where's my phone," she testified. "Let me have my phone."

Rhodes also asked Chyna whether she threw a patio chair toward Rob's car as he left. But Chyna said she "didn't pick up nothing."

After Rob and Gamble left the house, Chyna packed up her things and left. She and Rob never lived together again, however, the former couple continued to be engaged after the incident, Chyna testified.

Rhodes' cross-examination of her is expected to continue Thursday.

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