MLB Doesn't Want You To See This Leaked Video Of A Manager Cussing Out An Umpire But Here It Is

Good luck, Rob Manfred.

If you haven't seen the recently surfaced video of former New York Mets manager Terry Collins cussing out the umpires in the middle of a game you should watch it now because Major League Baseball is trying to remove it from the internet.

The video, which leaked this week, is from a May 2016 game between the Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers and includes previously unheard audio from a microphone worn by umpire Tom Hallion.

During the third inning of the game, Collins stormed onto the field and argued with the umpires after ace pitcher Noah Syndergaard, aka Thor, was ejected from the game for throwing a fastball behind Chase Utley's back.

The pitch was largely seen as payback for when the Dodgers' second baseman broke the leg of Mets infielder Ruben Tejada with a late, aggressive slide during the 2015 playoffs.

In the video, Hallion is heard explaining the ejection to Syndergaard before leaving the pitcher's mound to talk to/calm down Collins, who was also ejected.

Here's the terry collins rant/ejection reuploaded

Hallion runs up to Collins, saying, "Terry, Terry, Terry," as the fired up manager yells at another umpire, "You cocksucker!"

"That's fucking bullshit," Collins shouts.

"Terry, get a handle. Come on let's go," Hallion says. "Talk to me."

"Tommy, that's fucking bullshit and you know it," Collins screams, his voice getting hoarser. "You've got to give us a shot. You've got to give us a shot, Tom."

Hallion tries to explain while Collins continues screaming: "Bullshit!"

He then complains about Utley's two-game suspension for the late slide in 2015.

"But MLB did nothing to that guy. Nothing. God damnit. Fucking bullshit."

On Thursday, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said the league was removing the video from the internet because of a collective bargaining agreement with the umpires that prevents audio of interactions like that from going public.

Rob Manfred said that the Terry Collins/umpire viral video has been scrubbed from the internet because a collectively bargained agreement with the umpires that said those interactions involving microphoned umpires wouldn’t be made public. MLB is trying to figure out how it leaked

The video appeared to have been removed from some of the most viral tweets, due to "a report from the copyright holder."

How have I never seen this with the audio before?

But because of, well, the internet, there were still some copies of the video out there as of Thursday. So, like I said, watch it now before it's gone.

Full Version: Mets UNCENSORED (Thor’s Ejection vs Dodgers in 2016 Terry Goes Ballistic) #Mets #LGM @Noahsyndergaard #metsuncensored #terrycollins #chaseutley #mets2016 #mlbejections

Because it is seriously rare that we get to hear what is said in these heated exchanges.

Why don't we get a shot? MLB did nothing to that guy, Terry Collins going ballistic on #MLB umpire The Audio Of Terry Collins Unleashing A Million F-Bombs On An Umpire After Noah Syndergaard Got Ejected For Pitching Behind Chase Utley In 2016 #mets #terrycollins #NoahSyndergaard

I mean, who doesn't love a crazy old dude screaming profanities at the top of his lungs?

I *love* emotional older men!

It's definitely become a fan favorite.

When I die, someone please make sure the Terry Collins video gets played on loop at my funeral.

Because "Life."

Terry Collins led the #Mets to a World Series and two straight playoff appearances yet it is indisputable his most popular day as manager is today, 8 1/2 months after he stopped being the manager, thanks to a viral video. Life.

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